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Preventing Family Problems During The Holidays

Updated on October 13, 2009

Dealing with Drama


  If you’re a member of a large family chances are that you don’t get along with someone and find arguing hard to avoid during the holidays. Family may be visiting from out of town or you may be visiting them just remember you can make the holidays a breeze even if they make you want to scream or start throwing punches, however it won’t be easy but I am going to list a few things that you might try regardless of your age, this has worked for me continuously as there are many people that I come in contact with on a daily basis that I do not get along with or really much like but it would be so hard to tell I have those feelings being the friendly person that I am.

Always be nice, this means saying nice things, offering to help out with something because it is hard for a person to find a way to offend you when all you’ve said or done are nice things. If being nice does not quite work you may want to try avoidance, this is when you find spots away from that person or don’t pay attention to anything negative coming out of the person’s mouth.  If that doesn’t work either you may want to try being around other family members more, the person who’s causing the problem more than likely will not be too much of a trouble maker in the eyes of other family members. 

If all of the above fails to work out just make the most of it and try to get to the root of the problem.  In most cases like these the problems is based on jealousy, it doesn’t have to be jealousy of you it could actually be jealousy of your parents or your side of the family especially if your side is doing well and the other has major issues.  During the holidays many act childish, during regular days many act childish it’s insane but that is what makes some people’s lives go smoother.  Do you have that family member that everyone talks about because he or she does a lot of negative things such as drink too much, party or get involved in all types of negative situations?  Maybe you have that extended family member who doesn’t think you belong with your significant other because they are still friends with his or hers ex and have nothing to do but talk about you.  Maybe you have the cousin who thinks they are better than you making every effort to prove it, whatever the case is, if you are just around them for the holidays than you pretty much have a good idea of what’s going to happen so you’re not totally UN prepared. 

Don’t let anyone ruin the holidays for you because if you do they win, they’ll win again next year and the following years to come.  In fact if you really want to have a great Christmas holiday, turn the tables on them. It’s not nice plus two wrongs don’t make a right but give the holiday bully a taste of their own medicine, in this situation they will be experiencing everything that you have throughout the years which may present change.


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