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Girl's Princess Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 4, 2015

Little Girl Princess Costumes

It's that time of year again and there are plenty of outfits to choose from if you are looking for a Halloween costume this year but one costume that never seems to go out of fashion is the princess dress.

Let's face it, almost every little girl wants to be a princess, and if that is not possible (we can't all be Kate Middleton!) then the next best thing is to dress up like one in a beautiful Little Girl Princess Fancy Dress Costume.

You could make your own princess costume for sure, if you have the right skills, equipment and some spare material lying around, but why would you need to when you can buy really great and stunningly beautiful girls princess costumes at a very reasonable price?

Most of the princess costumes available cost under $30 and you would need to spend hours to make anything like them and that is not counting the cost of materials. There are plenty of different styles and colors to choose from too, from the prettiest of pinks to some gorgeous cool blues.

Girl's Princess Costumes

Snowflake Princess Cute Kids Costume(Large (4-6)-Blue)
Snowflake Princess Cute Kids Costume(Large (4-6)-Blue)

I love this snowflake princess costume in ice blue which includes a mini tiara to go with the dress. This all reminds me of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe series of films, maybe this is the ice princess!


Although this is one of the most traditional of costumes that you can get, there are a few reasons why the Princess costume is so popular. Apart from the massive success and popularity of Disney's Frozen film, which seems not to be losing any momentum at present, you can just add it to your little girl's dressing up box after Halloween and it will be sure to get plenty more wears throughout the year. This makes it a great value costume to buy.

Anyway, check out some of my top selections below and make a little girl feel like a real Princess this Halloween. You can also get specific Elsa costumes if your little girl really wants to be the Frozen start this Halloween.

Rapunzel Deluxe Princess Dress-up with Necklace and Hair Bow - MEDIUM
Rapunzel Deluxe Princess Dress-up with Necklace and Hair Bow - MEDIUM

Another option for a gorgeous child's princess costume is this stunning Rapunzel dress with necklace and hair bow. This dress is suitable for children aged 3 to 5


The dresses above are all beautiful and such great value for what you get. Any little girl (well most of them I guess, there is always an exception and these days there are plenty of girls who are happy to dress up as anything from cowboys to dracula!), will be very happy with these.

You should check out the quality of any dresses that you buy to make sure they comply with fire regulations. Choose a reputable seller and a company with good feedback. All dresses should also say whether they comply with local regulations with regard to the materials used.


Girls' Princess Costumes

There are plenty more options available for beautiful girls' princess costumes - check out any of the above dresses and you will be given a further selection to choose from if that is not the perfect one for you. There are also princess dresses for girls who are slightly older as well as these for the younger girls.

Any girl would look just like a real princess in one of these dresses and it would be a great fun dress up for Christmas or just for the dressing up box.

Girl's Fancy Dress

There are plenty of other ideas for dressing up for Halloween. Girls don't have to go the traditional pretty dress route and often these days they may not want to. there is really no end to what kind of outfits you can buy - there is a massive selection on Amazon or you could also hire a costume from a local party shop if you have one.

Many local facebook pages have people selling second hand outfits that no longer fit their kids from last year's dressing up and if you have some old ones yourself then this is the best time to sell them so get them out, take some photos and get them up to sell! Then you may have enough money to replenish the costumes for this year!


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