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Princess birthday party ideas

Updated on June 30, 2009

 Ah, to be a princess for a day!  Your little girl can be when you throw her (and her little princess friends) a fantasy birthday party!

The theme doesn't have to be the Disney Princesses or a Barbie Princess... you can make your own princess theme and find many ideas at your local Dollar stores, Target, Walmart or 1/2 off card stores. 

When my daughter turned two, she wished to be a princess.  Easy enough!  We invited some of her little friends over for a day of celebration.  The invitations were shaped like crowns, with jewels glued to them and glitter added.  These did have to be hand stamped at the post office because of the jewels inside of the envelope.  Confetti fell out of the envelope when the child opened it.  Stickers of different princesses were attached to the envelope to add anticipation.

For the cake, I bought a barbie doll of normal size, purchased a blue shirt (my daughter always loved blue over pink) and a little crown to place on the dolls head.  I took a bundt pan and baked her favorite flavor of cake and after it cooled, I put the barbie doll inside, putting a cardboard tube around her inside of the hold of the bundt cake to protect her from the frosting.  She wore only the shirt I had purchased.  I then frosted the cake and around her waist and filled in the rest of the hole with frosting.  I used blue to match the shirt she wore.  After frosting, I took edible glitter in shimmering blue and clear and sprinkled the cake so it looked magical.  The candles were little stars that I placed on the cake to look like they were part of her dress.  The cake looked like the doll was in a flowing, beautiful dress!

I found little purses with boa feathers around the handles for the goody bags.  Inside each purse was a pink nail polish with glitter in it, lip gloss, faux, big ruby ring, necklace, hair ties and ribbons, gold chocolate coins, rock candy suckers that looked like diamonds and little fairy wands.  The girls were all asked to wear a fancy dress and their party hats were little fake tiaras I had found at a Dollar store.  They were given feather boas to wear, white gloves and a sticker tattoo that was a brilliant star to place on their cheek.

We had "tea" with lunch, drinking out of little tea cups and I served finger food for lunch.  Little sausages wrapped in crescent rolls, cheese and ham kabobs, fruit kabobs and baby carrots with dip.  Games were pin the tail on the princess's horse, decorating their own little treasure boxes (small wooden boxes they decorated with glue on jewels, sequins and stickers) and guess that princess by showing the different Disney Princesses.  I took a picture of each girl and sent the picture with the thank you cards my daughter and I wrote out to the guests.

The pinata was a big pink shoe filled with little candies, rings, bracelets, little stuffed toys and balloons which we filled with helium that was purchased at the store. 

It's easy to let you little girl be a princess for a day.  The memories however will last a lifetime!


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