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Printed Party Invitations Generate A Great Party

Updated on April 10, 2012

Make your party stand out by using custom made invitations

If you are having a party and want to send out some invitations, why not use custom made printed invitations. By sending out custom made invitations, you will get peoples attention right away, if its made properly it will include the theme of the party and they will be eye catching so that people remember your party invite and will notice that you have made an effort to post out an invitation. It can also mean the difference between a successful party and a failure.

While Social networking invites on Facebook are very popular and are excellent for gathering large numbers of people for social events, you should also send out invitations to the people you want to come if you are holding a private party. Not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter, but Facebook is excellent for getting people to confirm once they have received your invite and are coming to your party.

Posting Custom made invitations can be expensive, but if done right you can keep the cost down, add some individuality to your party and will get peoples attention to your party to ensure that you get a good turnout at your party.

Other ideas you can also add to your invitations to make them more memorable are:

Custom made postage stamps and envelopes, some party themes have exquisite designs like the "Alice in Wonderland" theme

Glitter in the card that falls out when it opens

Perfume can make it a wonderful experience when opening the invitation

3D invitations that pop out when opened

Invitations with sounds when opened

Extras added onto the invitations, like ribbon

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