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Pumpkin Fever

Updated on October 2, 2013

Make It Stop!

I love Halloween. It's the one time a year that my looks fit into the envirment. I don't need a costume to scare people. However, it's the beginning of October and I'm starting to get sick. I think I have pumpkin fever!

Pumpkin Fever

You're asking "What is Pumpkin Fever?' It's all the pumpkin related food. When they first come out you eat or drink them all. Then you tire of them. Then you start hating the commercials. You start buying Pumpkins at the store just to smash them. You've become a pumpkin killer.

The Cause

Pumpkin Fever is caused by the following.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Thanks Dunkin Donuts.

Pumkin muffins, cake, pie, ice cream.Thanks local Walmart

Pumpkin Napkins and paper plates. Thanks party supply store

The actual pumpkin.

Oh you clever farmers. You must be making millions.

A Cure?

While there is no known cure, it's not fatal. Once you start seeing pumpkins on your doorstep asking for candy, your fever will break. You will be on the road to recovery. Just in time for Peppermint Fever!


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