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Simple, Quick, and Inexpensive Christmas Storage Idea

Updated on September 20, 2021

Whew! Thanks Santa

There is a GREAT "re-purposing" slide show with loads of ideas at Bob Villa's website:

Get Organized: 25 Clever Ideas for Repurposed Storage

featuring used bed springs, rakes, lunch boxes and MORE!

The Best Present of All - Storage Space!

Books in the Bag

Quick Hide It Here!

Just a short hub with an idea that's saving my Christmas sanity, and one that might give you some extra breathing room as well (in case your sister Sarah and her husband and three children are planning to stay at your house this Christmas).

Maybe you don't live in an RV (motor home/5th wheel, houseboat) or any other space-deprived abode as we do, but let's face it, even if you have 4000 sq. ft in which to rattle around, chances are you've filled it up to the space allotted! Chances also are that you would like your sister, mother, and whoever is staying with their entourage at the most stressful time of the year to actually feel comfortable.

So, quickly, run over to Michael's or some other such store and buy one of these cute felt bags. (I think I paid $2.99 last week for the one you see). Maybe even buy two or three.

It won't take much thought to figure out what you need to ditch in this bag. I had a brief glint at normalacy and started to think "styrofoam peanuts" or newspaper, when I suddenly realized that I could stash ANYTHING in Santa's pack. After that inspired revelation, I hurred to scoop up an armful of bedsheets and pillowcases from our drawers (remember, we live in an RV), put them in a nice white plastic kitchen bag, and voila', I started filling the bag.

I was pleasantly surprised that in spite of adding a whole armful of linen to my cute Santa bag, there was still more space. Lucky for me! I grabbed my husband's Visual Basic, Sequel Server, and other 6-inch thick text books from a shelf in our RV and added them to the bag as well, thus making enough space in on our shelves for the presents that I haven't, even at this late date, purchased as yet. At least now, however, I'll have a place for said un-bought presents without worrying about stepping over boxes of Chocolate Covered Cherries and DVDs while attempting to wrap them.

So give it a whirl. As for me, I'm going to write to Michael's to see if they are planning to have these bags for Presidents' Day, Easter, and any other holiday that comes along.


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