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Quotes and Small Poems on Love

Updated on January 23, 2015
Lovers, by Pal Szinyei Merse - 1869
Lovers, by Pal Szinyei Merse - 1869 | Source
"The Lovers" by Albrecht Durer, unknown date
"The Lovers" by Albrecht Durer, unknown date | Source
Daisy - "He loves me, he loves me not..."
Daisy - "He loves me, he loves me not..." | Source

"With Fondest Love to Thee...." Random Quotes and Poems on Love and Valentines

"The weather is usually fine while people are courting..." Virginibus Puerisque - Robert Louis Stevenson 1895

"Oh! love is such a strange affair; So strange to all. It cometh from above, And lighteth like a dove On some. But some it never hits, Unless it give them fits. Oh, hum." J.S. Ogilvie -- The Album Writer's Friend, 1881.

"Love has been compared to debt: both keep their captives awake at night, and in a perpetual state of unrest during the day." Salad for the Solitary and the Social - Frederick Saunders, 1871.

"Cupid - His Wing is the fan of a lady. His foot is an invisible thing; And his arrow is tipped with a jewel, And shot from a silver string." A verse from a nineteenth century calling card.

"Although Cupid cannot be said to be young, he seems to enjoy perpetual youth, for he is not in the least the worse for the wear -- his locks are still golden, his cheeks glowing, and the bright kindling glance of his eye is radiant as ever." Salad for the Solitary and the Social - Frederick Saunders, 1871

"UNCHANGEABLE, My heart shall be, The faithful compass, That points to Thee." Verse from a 19th century calling card.

"Tho' scissors like an adverse fate, May seem to cut and separate, Yet, at the last, they close together, Just as our hearts unite forever." Unknown

"Consider not the gift of the lover, but the love of the giver." Ellye Howell Glover, 1907, "Dame Curtsey's" Book of Novel Entertainments for Every Day of the Year.

"Man's love is like Scotch snuff -- You take a pinch and that's enough. Profit by this sage advice, When you fall in love, think twice." J.S. Ogilvie, 1881

"I thought to undermine the heart, By whispering in the ear." By Sir John Suckling (1609-1642) in "The Siege of a Heart."

"Love me, love my dog." A proverb from the time of St.Bernard. (1090-1153)

"TRUE LOVE, Thus hand in hand, Through life we'll go, Through checkered paths, Of joy and woe. We have loved on earth; May we love in heaven." Verse from a 19th century calling card.

"Be the wind and weather foul or fine, Still, lovely Nelly, I am thine!" Letter from Matthew Matson to Nelly Primrose

"If Matthew's heart be just and true, His Nelly's heart will be so too." Letter, in reply, from Nelly to Matthew.

"Fly, my sweet, and beauteous dove, Bear this letter to my love; Winged messenger, with care, Bring my answer from the fair: A heart that's constant still is mine, Lovely, lovely Valentine." Carvalho's Polite Valentine Writer: Or the Lover's Repository for the Present Year 182-

"I desire a return of affection. FAREWELL." Verse from a 19th Century calling card.

"Within that breast so good so pure, If compassion ever loved to dwell, Pity the sorrows I endure. The cause thou know'st full well, The grief that on my quiet preys, That rends my heart that checks my tongue, I fear will last me all my days, But feel it will not last me long." Verse from a 19th Century calling card.

"He love me, He loves me not.. Daisy! each petal, My fortune may settle, -- Soon, late, or never: Now, then, for ever, Give me a token! One little word, Unuttered, but heard: One little sigh, -- One glance of an eye: I'll take it as spoken. Soon, late, or never: Tall, short, or clever: Never, for ever, Which shall it be? Daisy, tell me? Am I heart-broken? From, the Quiver of Love, 1876

***I thought these were so fun and special, especially with Valentine's Day coming up next month. These might be fun to add to a note or card any time of the year however. Many more people are creating their own greeting cards now, more than ever, for example. Some of these sayings cut right to the heart of the matter, and sometimes say best what we want to say, but don't know the right words to do so. Some made me smile, and I thought they were funny, like, Love me, love my dog... I had not heard that one before. The one right above, may have been where the picking off of petals, while saying, "he loves me, he loves me not," came from. Hope you enjoy!

I thought this was beautiful! I love the lights in the background.
I thought this was beautiful! I love the lights in the background. | Source


Do you enjoy receiving a letter or valentine with a sentimental note, from the one that loves you?

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Lovers in Art

"Rendezvous."  I thought this was a most interesting piece of art!
"Rendezvous." I thought this was a most interesting piece of art! | Source

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