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What is Rama Navami festival and How is it Celebrated?

Updated on January 29, 2015

Ramnavmi is a festival celebrated by Hindus. The date keeps on varying every year, because of its layout decided by the Lunar Calendar.

Ram Navmi, a quite prestigious and esteemed festival for Hindus. It doesn't have a fixed date every year, since it is decided from the Lunar calendar, which keeps on changing depending on the positions of sun, moon and other planetary objects. But, the festival usually comes in the month of March or April. Ram Navmi represents the significance of Lord Rama. The festival is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Rama, who has been recalled for his morality, justice and righteous characters. His reign has been considered as the most peaceful and prosperous one in the kingdom of Ayodhya (a place in India).

Importance of Sun for this festival

The link between Sun worship and Lord Rama is quite prominent in the whole occasion.

  • The day for the celebration of Ramnavmi usually comes in the initial phases of summer, when the sun begins to start moving closer to the northern hemisphere.
  • The hour in which Lord Rama is offered a prayer, this day is the midday, when the sun is overhead.
  • The syllable "Ra" is utilized in the word to represent the sun and brilliance in many languages.
  • For instance, Ravi and Ravindra mean Sun in Sanskrit.
  • The ancient Egyptians referred the sun as Amon Ra or just "Ra".
  • The Latin symbol "Ra" implies light.
  • Even in English, the word radium or radiance refers to brightness and light.

The common thing amongst all these languages for the word is the syllable "Ra" which derives to the same meaning of light or brilliance.

The Celebration

The festival is celebrated at the end of the nine holy days (navratri). The celebrations for this particular festival begin early morning with a prayer to the Sun. This is done because the Sun is considered as an ultimate source and lord of light, heat and energy since ancient times, and Lord Rama's dynasty was also considered to be descended from the Sun. Aryans, who migrated to India, had more prestigious position for Sun in their mythology and many of the royal dynasties used to keep Sun, Lion or Eagle as their royal symbol to portray success, shine and power.

The celebrations are further followed by a special prayer to Lord Rama in the temple. In some parts of north India, people even carry on processions to celebrate the occasion, in which a huge chariot is decorated and four people, after getting dressed as Lord Rama, Queen Sita(Lord Rama's wife), Laxmana(Lord Rama's younger brother), and Hanuman (Lord Rama's disciple), sit on the chariot for the procession. The people, while following the procession, sing holy hymns and shout slogans. The procession is quite popular in India, and draws huge crowd and tourist for the occasion.

Nevertheless, the festival has much significance in hinduism and is celebrated to remember the prosperity, success and shine of the golden era under Lord Rama's reign, and to pray for the similar and even more prosperous and peaceful life at present and in times to come.


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    • calicoaster profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks for liking it samboiam!! :)

    • samboiam profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      Interesting hub. Thank you for sharing this culture with us.


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