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Christmas Tree Decorating Craze in Austin, Texas

Updated on January 29, 2018

Along Loop 360

Along the highway
Along the highway

Roadside Tree Decorating

We seem to have a new tradition in the Austin area. This tradition is currently expanding to the Texas Hill Country. Driving Loop 360 and other areas of town, there are plenty of examples easily spotted from the road. Random cedar trees have been decorated with Christmas decor.

Samples of Decorated Trees Outdoors

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These trees are not decorated with professionalism, but with heart. They boast streamers and large Christmas tree balls easily seen from the highway. I spotted a young family decorating a tree along Loop 360. They were wrapping it with a colorful ribbon, working as a team.

Driving down 360, the trees were festive and bright. Some locations hosted clumps of decorated trees, none of them the same. Of course, there are no Christmas lights as there is no electricity nearby. These trees will have to be viewed in daylight hours.

I wonder what will become of the wrappings after Christmas. Will the decorators return to unwrap their trees after the Holidays? I think not. Meanwhile, if you see Christmas decorations blown about by the winds, it may be from a random tree that was decorated for Christmas! Be on the lookout for a special tree in your area!

My Decorated Tree

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Our tree on a hill!Last year's tree!
Our tree on a hill!
Our tree on a hill!
Last year's tree!
Last year's tree!

This is the second year we decorated a random Christmas tree! This tree was done in honor if my mother-in-love who passed on to her heavenly reward this year.

We carefully chose our location and tree! This tree can be seen from several major roads. By using gold garlands and ornaments, the sun makes the tree sparkle in the day and the car lights reflect off the ornaments at night! When I drive past a decorated Christmas tree along the road, I smile! Hopefully our efforts will touch lots of lives with a smile!!


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    "Quill" 7 years ago

    Wonderful idea and one which is very interesting indeed...