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Real Christmas tree vs artificial

Updated on December 22, 2013



Real vs Artificial

A Christmas tree is the center piece of your holiday celebration! Choosing a Christmas tree should be fun, and our choices and options have come a long way. There is no wrong or right, bad or good when considering real vs artificial. Each option has its pro's and con's, giving you a huge selection to make your holiday memorable, beautiful and bright!

Brief mention on symbolism and history of Christmas trees

Long before Christianity, people toiled and worked very hard all year to stay alive during winter months, trees that remained green all year (evergreens) had symbolic meaning and represented a bountiful harvest, essentially life for another year. Evergreen wreaths and bows were also hung on doors, in belief that evil spirits as well as illness would not be allowed to inhabit the property or location.

Germany was the first country in the 16th century to start the Christmas tree tradition as we know it today. Back then however some were built from wood and decorated with evergreen branches and candles. Not the safest idea! By 1890 ornaments were arriving from Germany and Christmas tree popularity was increasing in the U.S. Now we see Christmas trees incorporated in Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, Britain, and various other countries. South Africa celebrates Christmas in the summer so Christmas trees are not common there, but windows are often draped with sparkling cotton wool and tinsel.

A few fun Christmas tree facts

  • Trees are grown in all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska
  • 98% of trees are grown on farms
  • Over 70 million trees are planted each year
  • Christmas trees take about 6-8 years to mature

Real Christmas tree


Artificial Christmas tree


Selecting a real Christmas tree

Going out to buy a real Christmas tree can easily become a family tradition. Everyone can participate in picking out that "perfect" center piece for the family celebration. Real Christmas trees smell fresh and lovely, they are traditional, and natural. They leave less of a footprint on our beloved planet and you don't have to worry about chemicals or plastic toxins in your home. Since nature is unique, each tree is special and different which changes visual appeal year after year. Depending on where you are located, you'll be able to find a variety of trees such as: Virginia Pine, Spruce, Leyland Cypress, Monterrey Pine, Fraser Firs, and Sand Pine, which are all grown specifically for Christmas. On average expect to pay $50 for a real Christmas tree, but prices can be as high as $2000! Most real trees are used one time for the year, but some can be replanted, adding memories and landscaping to you home. Maintenance is higher for real trees, and you should treat it with TLC and love as you would do any other living thing.

Selecting an artificial tree

The options for selecting an artificial tree are endless, and decorating them is simple. Some come with artificial snow clusters, pine cones, even a variety of colored branches, including pink! Most artificial trees are pre-lit, so you just assemble, add your ornaments and decorations and plug them in. They require little to no maintenance, they can be used year after year when properly stored, and although they are manufactured with chemicals and plastics, they will not cause natural allergic reactions. Expect to pay $80 USD or more for an artificial Christmas tree.

Real vs Artificial

Real Christmas tree
Artificial Christmas tree
All natural not chemically MFG
Made from plastic & chemicals
That "Christmas" smell
No scent, which can be good
Need to be cared for like a plant
Low maintenance
Lighting has to be done by hand
Often prelit
Maintenance & clean up is messy
Easy clean-up
One year use
Can be used year after year
Naturally not perfect & unique
Wide style variety

All you have to do now is choose!

So now you can see the benefits to choosing a real Christmas tree vs an artificial Christmas tree. All you have to do now is choose the option best for your needs and family, start decorating and enjoy your holiday!


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