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50 Reasons to Celebrate: Unique Party Theme Ideas

Updated on February 20, 2013

Everybody loves a good party, and throwing one can be tons of fun. From picking a theme, to decorating, to surprising guests with homemade favors, party planning can be a great creative outlet as well as an exciting way to bring people together. If you love throwing parties, you don’t need a holiday or birthday as an excuse to celebrate. There are always reasons to have a party!

Here are 50 reasons to celebrate all year long:

It is not hard to find reasons to party.
It is not hard to find reasons to party. | Source
The more creative you get with your planning, the more fun your party will be.
The more creative you get with your planning, the more fun your party will be. | Source
  1. Cupcake appreciation. Show your cupcake love with a baking, decorating, eating cupcake celebration.
  2. Breakfast bash. Bacon. Waffles. Sausage. Pancakes. Omelets. Hash browns. French toast. Need I say more?
  3. Kitten cuteness. Such cuteness deserves to be celebrated.
  4. Save the unicorns party. Celebrate these lovely creatures and stave off extinction.
  5. Paper party. Celebrate everything crafty with paper. Make garlands, gift wrap, tags, and cards with friends.
  6. Firefly fan club. Celebrate fireflies with a summer evening outdoor gathering.
  7. Legs reveal. Celebrate the first day of the year it is warm enough to wear shorts.
  8. Spread the love gathering. What better way to show love to your friends than with a “just because I love you” party.
  9. Weight loss party. Celebrate the shedding of pounds.
  10. Marshmallow madness. What’s not to celebrate about soft, fluffy marshmallow goodness?
  11. Glitter gathering. A whole event based on the sparkly greatness of glitter. Go at it.
  12. Bring back the bees party. Be supportive of the bees and show them you dislike their disappearing.
  13. Welcoming winter party.
  14. Rain to rainbow cheer. Celebrate rainbows on rainy days to turn drear into cheer.
  15. Wish I was elsewhere party. If you can’t go to that dreamy destination, bring that dreamy destination to you.
  16. Cookie craze. Create a whole cookie party.
  17. Facial hair fananza. I “mustache” you to join this hairy celebration.
  18. Puppy play date party. Turn an everyday puppy play date into a dog extravaganza.
  19. Movie series mayhem. Have a marathon get together to watch your favorite movie series.
  20. Mixed drink mixer. Host a party where everyone brings ingredients for their favorite mixed drinks.
  21. Not New Year’s Party. Celebrate the fact that, while the years are flying by, today you can simply enjoy the present.
  22. Hungry for hippos party. Who doesn’t love a little hippopotamus in their life?
  23. 100 day accomplishments. Celebrate 100 days of school, 100 days old for baby, 100 days cigarette free, or any other 100 day excitement.
  24. Black tie/ball gown fan club. For those who want an excuse to dress up.
  25. Party animals party. Celebrate the love of celebrating with a party animal themed shindig.
  26. New beginnings. New job? New town? New house? New couch? Celebrate the new.
  27. Once upon an era. Pick your favorite era and build a party around it.
  28. First falling leaf sighting in autumn.
  29. Life gives you lemons party. Turn something sour into a celebration, proving you know how to make lemonade.
  30. Pink party. What’s not to like about pink?
  31. Awards nights. Have an award night viewing party with friends.
  32. Mary Poppins day. Fly a kite, feed the birds, and ride your local merry-go-round.
  33. Doing nothing with friends party. Celebrate the friends who you can enjoy doing nothing with.
  34. Musical marathon. The Sound of Music. West Side Story. Phantom of the Opera. Pick your favorite musical movies and party.
  35. Bookworms unite party. Who says bookworms are boring?
  36. Color bash. Life would be boring without color. Celebrate its existence.
  37. Post spring cleaning party. Take advantage of that sparkling house.
  38. Memory making photo fun. Host a get together with the purpose of snapping pics to update your photo albums of family and friends.
  39. Crazy about you party. Have an offbeat party to appreciate family and friends who are just as crazy as you.
  40. A very merry unbirthday to you. Yes, you!
  41. Midsummer night. Celebrate the middle of summer.
  42. Polka dot party. Celebrate spots.
  43. End of the world party. If the end of the world is upon us, we may as well party one last time.
  44. Holler for water holiday. Celebrate everything water related with swimming, squirt guns, slip-n-slides, sprinklers, and water balloon fights.
  45. Apple of my eye time. Celebrate the apple of your eye with an everything apple party.
  46. Bun in the oven celebration. Celebrate somebody’s bun in the oven with a bread and dip tasting party.
  47. Whimsy party. Because whimsical is wonderful.
  48. Candy bar hopping party. Set up multiple candy bar stations and let your guests indulge.
  49. Narwhal awareness. Did you know sea unicorns are real?
  50. Cloud watching party. Look for clouds that look like things in a picnic oriented party.

Break out the confetti and celebrate life!
Break out the confetti and celebrate life! | Source


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    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 4 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      Thank you for giving so many ideas on party celebrations to have! Any excuse to have fun is good!