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Reasons to love winter

Updated on May 12, 2012

Winter Season

There are many reasons why i love winter which falls in December. A very special month too for all Christians because our saviour Jesus was born on December 25 and also a month to celebrate His birth on Christmas day. A day to bring joy & happiness to all your family , friends and even strangers.

Winter time , the air is cool and people do not get agitated easily compare to hot and humid weather. Generally people have better mood during winter. Love can be seen spreading much more around during winter , most people want to hold hands and hug one another more often to keep themselves warm. They crave for their love ones more often during winter and wants to be home to share a warm winter with family. Then again if you are all alone then winter would feel especially harsh and cold. 

I was born in a country which doesn't have the changing of the four seasons so each time i have to travel to be able to enjoy winter when the weather in my home country gets too hot and humid. Winter time , I love walking in the park or on the street when there are small flakes of snow that fell on my face it feels so fresh and cooling.It gives you a very romantic feeling and atmosphere. When it gets too cold you get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine to warm your body up , the feeling is just heavenly. Hot coffee even taste better during winter it keeps you warm inside and you look at the world in a much more beautiful light during winter.  

Looking out your window and seeing snow falling from the sky is such an amazing feeling. Is a beautiful creation likes a gift from Heaven to Earth. Building snowman with the children , we throw snow at each other it was really fun. Once we were indoor watching snow falling and eating breakfast , we saw a reindeer family of five came out of the forest to hunt for food. The baby reindeer was so small and adorable standing next to the bigger reindeer. It was such an amazing sights to watch them indoor with snow falling down from the sky. Is  like from a story book you only get to read it and never experience seeing it in real but i did get to see it in real during winter. We also saw wild hare came out from their hiding ground to look for food. These animals are probably easier to get hungry during winter so they come out to hunt for food. We probably wont get to spot them so easily if is not winter time. Winter we also get to wear fancy winter clothing which i wont get a chance to wear them in my home country which doesn't have wintered. You tend to dress up more during winter compare to summer. 

Overall i feel much happier during winter which could be that i was born in November which is autumn to winter period therefore winter is my favorite season.  

Winter is like snow cleansing the earth to delights everyone with beautiful white snow. You will feel refreshed and the air is clean and cool. All this are the reasons why i love winter.


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