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Remains Of Christmas Treasured.

Updated on November 26, 2009


Remains of Christmas Treasured ©-MFB III

      It is just a small box,
about the size of a
one quart tupperware container,
sitting under the tree again this year.
Brightly wrapped and beribboned,
I placed it there with all the
other gifts last year.
In fact I have put it under my tree
since 1997, in November late.
It reminds me of how my Mom,
always liked sitting
as close under the tree
as she could.
Right smack dab in the middle
of all the presents,
so she could savor the goods,
smell the pine needles,
and enjoy the pretty twinkling lights.
She used to laugh with delight
on Christmas eve at our
urgency for Christmas morn.
She used to love to shake the packages
and try to guess what they might hold.
of course I never shake this one,
but sometimes I still smile at the thought.
I can still picture her
sitting there with that
"Whatcha got for me,"
gleam in her eyes,
even though most all of the gifts
were always for us kids.
I know it was one of her
most favorite spots in life,
under that Christmas tree
perusing the offerings,
and so that's where
she remains,
white ash
under a pine
where now I am
pining away
for her love
for me that
will never fade.


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