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Reusing my old Christmas decorations and adding some new

Updated on July 8, 2011
Christmas decorations are what I fancy during the celebration. Decorating a Christmas tree, the door (with Christmas wreath) and the sala (living room) is an enjoyable sight for the whole family. I'm sure many will utilize the best kept 'heirloom' or buy the latest lighting and decorative materials from the store to upgrade your collection. It also reflects the taste of the family. It can be commercialized or just homely enough to add highlights in the solemn remembrance of the origin of this holiday. That is...Christmas day.

Use the vintage ones!

Christmas decorations can reconnect you to the events that happened a year or two during the celebration.

What I did as early as September was to check if the Christmas lights are still functioning. The next thing I did was to separate the reusable and the worn out decors that need fixing. From there, I made some inventory and from there, I decided to buy new decors to replace the missing decors.

Why did I chose to reuse old decorations? Reasons?'s both economic and sentimental. I'm sure others feel this way,too. Discarding old or vintage decors is not the proper way to appreciate its value. Better use it again.

There are more stories to tell with those decors of yours when family reunion comes on Christmas day!

Christmas Flower Crafts and Decorating with Julie Mulligan c/o 1800flowers

Christmas wreath

My Santa Claus Christmas wreath (Photo by: Ireno Alcala)
My Santa Claus Christmas wreath (Photo by: Ireno Alcala)

Do's & Don'ts when reusing old Chritsmas Decors

Some pointers to guide me to reuse my old Christmas decors come in handy. It was just November here in the Philippines, but almost everyone have already decorated their fanciful Christmas trees (plastic ones), put lighting outside their houses and Christmas wreaths at their doors. So, what I did...let me share it with you.

  1. For Christmas tree: I have a medium-sized Christmas tree (metal trunk and branches with plastic leaves). I checked it if it can be reused by re-arranging its branches, reconnected its trunk and base.'s still okay with me.
  2. For the Christmas lights: I looked for for peeled out insulators of the wire. None. Checked. It is still functioning. Better adorn the Christmas tree for it. But I still have to buy additional LED (light emitting diode) lights outside our home. LED lights consume less electricity and more safer than conventional lighting.
  3. Christmas balls? I separated the worn out ones and scavenged for the reusable, glittering ones.
  4. What about Christmas wreath to be put at the main door of our home? I still have that cute Santa Claus wreath. That will do...or now.
  5. Other decorations on Christmas tree will include old Christmas cards and pictures, too!

This Christmas? We'll never run out of ideas redecorating our homes and feel once again the 'true spirit' of the season.

Don't forget to put your Manger (consisting of the Holy Family-Joseph, Mary and Jesus plus the Magi and animals), we usually call it Belen beside your Christmas tree in the living room.

There, I'll just wait for the Christmas eve. Merry Christmas everyone!

My old Christmas decors

My old Christmas decorations (photo by Ireno Alcala)
My old Christmas decorations (photo by Ireno Alcala)

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