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Review: Brain In Witches Cauldron, Musical Water Globe

Updated on October 21, 2009

Review also on my blog, and AC. So go ahead, hit the report 'duplicate' button. Boo-yeah!

 I don't normally shop at Marshall's because I always figured the store only carried broken junk, junk that nobody wanted or just junk in general. The last time I was in a Marshall's was about two years ago around the Christmas holiday, and the store was in ruins.

A Marshall's recently went up close by to me, so I decided to give the store a try. Friends of mine would go on and on about how fantastic the place was, so finally I took the short drive to the store and found myself surrounded by a world of enchantments. Wow! Have I been missing out!

The fall season is upon us, so naturally the store had an entire Halloween empire of goodies stocked up. My eyes were dancing around in a Halloween daze. Witch statues, graveyard statues, little pumpkin plates, witches brew mugs and glasses! I was in heaven. I was at the same time though overwhelmed. I wanted everything! Sometimes when I get overwhelmed like this though, I walk out with nothing.

But then, just as I was about to walk away empty handed, it caught my eye. I stood still, was what I was seeing really real? Was this wondrous magical little number really for sale? Could I have it!?

I spotted a water globe. Now I like water globes and all, but I never really 'liked' them enough to buy them, and the ones I have come across are always boring little Christmas themed snow globes. Never in my life did I ever think someone would finally get it right, and create Halloween themed water globes.

Yet there it was, the most stunning water globe I had ever seen.

This was no ordinary round water globe though. This water globe was shaped like a chemistry flask. Inside the flask sat a detailed sculpture of a brain. The water itself had a very slight tint of green, that gave it a toxic look.

The chemistry flask sat perched on top of a witched cauldron.

I mean if this is not creativity I don't know what is!

I picked the globe up and realized that the flask was missing its little glued in cork. It was there, but slightly damaged. It did not deter me though. I wanted it. I was in love with it! I had never seen such a unique piece.

As I picked it up, I noticed small tear drop metallic snow sprinkle around inside of the globe. The pieces were rather large, and had a green metallic coloring to them. I didn't think that it was fitting to the piece, but it did not make the piece any less desirable. The green tear shapes I imagine represent toxic blood? That is just a guess though.

Just as I thought this little water globe couldn't get any better, I flip it over and discover a little wind up key. I wound it up and listened as the water globe played 'ding dong the witch is dead'.

Halloween heaven, I have found you! I knew immediately where this sweet water globe was going! Right on my work desk, so I could look at it every day.

All in all, the Musical Brain In Witches Cauldron is my favorite Halloween piece discovered thus far this year. Unfortunately on the water globe I was able to find no markings on the actual name of the globe. There is not even a company logo or stamp on it.

You can however find it at Marshall's. I paid $12.99 for it, and in my opinion it was money well spent.


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      Waterglobe 7 years ago

      Cool waterglobe!