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Romantic Halloween Superstitions

Updated on September 3, 2010

There are a surprising number of superstitions associated with Halloween and romance. I was looking at vintage Halloween greeting cards and saw a surprising number with a girl looking into a mirror. It turns out this is just one of the superstitions.

Halloween was seen as a time where the supernatural world was closer to the real world than any other time of the year, so, if you asked the right question at midnight on Halloween, you might get the answer you want. And the answer women wanted was, who were they going to marry.


First of all , you need a lighted candle, then at midnight you look into the mirror while holding the candle and then, supposedly, you would see the reflection of your true love in the mirror.


First, get a small bowl of water, then, on Halloween night, break an egg into the water. Then you need to interpret the shape of the raw egg floating in the water. For example, a ring shape could indicate there will soon be a wedding.


I always thought of apples and Halloween as just being for apple bobbing. At Halloween time before large produce departments in grocery stores, apples must have been the only fresh fruit around by the end of October, so they must have been really appreciated. I remember bobbing for apples at Halloween parties and it is harder than you would think.

A hundred years ago, besides bobbing, apples were tied on strings and hung up. A girl had to bite into the apple, with her hands behind her back. The first girl to do this, would be the first girl to marry. When I was a child, we did this with donuts and the first one got a prize.

On Halloween night, you need to pare an apple all in one piece and then throw the apple peel over your shoulder. It should fall into the shape of the first initial of you future husband's name.


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