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Great Just Because Gift Ideas For Her, Him and Them- Ways to Show You Care Just Because

Updated on December 11, 2013

Wouldn't it be wonderful to treat Christmas as the birth of a savior to eventually change the way we are currently giving? Wouldn't it be enormously gratifying to give thanks by expressing how we feel with others all around us leaving commercialism out of the picture?

We could give thanks and share why we have gratitude for being loved in such a spectacular way if we knew the true meaning of why our holidays exist in the first place. We would realize that this special gift was just because we are loved and always give “Just because".....Just a thought.

We are created as a higher being and should act accordingly. We don't have to be controlled or manipulated to give and show love on a special day. We should call our friends and family when we hear that voice inside. You know what I'm talking about....Have you never thought about a person and not call, just to have them call you instead? Of course you have, we all have. That is just one of our gifts from our creator.

Listen to the voice inside and give the gift of a call. This will mean much more than a gift on a predetermined time that has no real meaning. A gift should not be a token of how special a person is. When it is all said and done we cannot take a token of love with us. We take the love and time a person spends with us forever and the guilt of not taking the time with a loved one also.

Giving the gift of time to the special people in your life, will say "I Love You" more than anything else you can do....

Give a gift "Just because" throughout the years. Let the special people in your life know you care by taking the time to tell them or show them by doing something as simple as:

  • a weekly dinner together with romantic setting and music.
  • a regular phone call while apart .
  • a text of love and appreciation.
  • a surprise visit with favorite food.

Just Because Gift For Her

  • Flowers are always a winner.
  • Romantic scenic long walk.
  • Watching the sunset or sunrise.
  • Gift basket of favorite goodies, treats, chocolates etc
  • Replace or update favorite used tool/clothing.
  • Do something special for her.

Just Because Gift For Him

  • Cook/takeout favorite meal with all the trimmings.
  • Game night with snacks.
  • Gift basket of favorite snacks, tools etc
  • Personalized coffee cup or mug.
  • New favorite tee shirt.
  • Do something special for him.

That being said.........

The holidays are a magical and be a wondrous time. It can be an great experience or a source of stress for many. Hopefully this hub will help relieve some of the stress in the future. We should give a gift just because to show loved ones how we feel in order not to feel such stress when we are financially unable at a predetermined time.

What is incredible is the gift you will receive from being a giver. The feeling you receive from giving to others is wonderfully surreal. There is nothing money can buy that can make you feel the way giving can. This feeling alone, not to mention the endless rewards you get from the gratitude of others is what drives people to make giving a family tradition.

Giving 'Just because" is a not only a perfect way to show your love, it is a perfect way to avoid regrets. Surprise the people you love throughout the year. Happy Holidays and keep giving…. Just because.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 4 years ago

      Thanks for the vote up and comment.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 4 years ago from New York

      The thought behind this hub is one that shows true love. We don't have to follow a rigid schedule to show someone we love them. Gifts can be given by anyone at anytime.

      Voted up and interesting.