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Safety Tips to avoid Accidents and Injuries this Christmas

Updated on October 2, 2013

Stay safe this Christmas

Christmas is a time for joy and celebrations often bringing families together for the first time in years?  We all spend days and weeks cooking, planning and preparing meals, and festive activities for that special day.  It is one of the world’s busiest times for businesses of all sorts.  Many people looking for ways to keep the kids busy.  One way is to organize the kids and save money making their own cards.

We are so busy with the preparations that we forget about the safety aspect of everything around us.

Christmas trees

Simply buying a fire resistant tree does not prevent a fire inside your home. Place all trees away from open fireplaces and heaters. Kids become excited and could accidentally knock something onto the fire.

If a person touches a metallic tree with faulty lights, they will receive an electric shock. This could be fatal.

Outside trees and Christmas lights – we love to put lights and decorations out the front of our homes often using our garden shrubs.

Fatalities occur when someone forgets the power to the lights is still connected and decide to water the garden. Water and electricity do not mix.

Make sure you Use lights certified for outdoor use only.

Do not use nails to hold lights into place. Use insulated staples. Secure lights against strong winds to reduce damage. Turn all Christmas lights off each night before going to bed.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year

Roof Safety

Before climbing onto the roof this Christmas to put up your festive decorations, make sure the ladder is secure and someone is watching. Wear non-slip shoes. Check the power leads for cuts or damage before use.

Check all lights work before starting, not once you are up on the roof. That could be fatal.


Unattended candles start fires. They could be knocked over or burn down and start a fire.


Make your own Christmas decorations from colored foil, tissue paper, streamers in fact any colored paper at all.

Instructions on how to make Christmas toppers, angels, stockings etc.

Ideas for Christmas activities

Merry Christmas to all and please, please stay safe and drive safely this Christmas.

Christmas Safety


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      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      Good points!