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Santa Claus is Real. He is We.

Updated on October 31, 2015

Fairy Tales

Santa Claus
Santa Claus | Source

Stories have a Grain of Truth

The Easter Bunny. The Tooth Fairy. The Great Pumpkin.


All of these things are real, and completely concrete, if you understand what it is we really are. If you have read my other articles on this topic, you will either believe me open minded, or a raving lunatic, and either way, it doesn’t matter, because if you have read them, then you have considered them, and somehow, what I have said has called you back to read more.

Santa Claus is the same as God. God is our energy; not a fairy tale made up to frighten children, and later adults, into being good. Becoming physical made us lose our understanding of what it is we really are, but instinctively, we know what we are. We tried to recreate what we are through Santa Claus.

At first, survival overshadowed our real purpose. Now materialistic things and money have become what survival once was to us. We have even commercialized the “Fairy Tales” that carried the very real message that was meant to remind us of what it is we are.

Money, possessions, and the power of one. That is not why we are here. Unity, making this world a better place for all living things. THAT is why we are here. That is why WE are here.


Magic made by multitudes.

How many Santa Claus' does it take to would this off?  One who is many.
How many Santa Claus' does it take to would this off? One who is many. | Source

Why is Christmas so different from any other time of year? Why do people look forward to it so much that they start playing carols in October? It brings back warm feelings of childhood, of feeling safe and warm, embraced and cocooned in the love of our families, in the best intentions of every one around us. Trust, and Love.

Think on that. The love of everyone around us. Feeling protected by this love. Knowing that if anything should happen, each and every person around you would have your back.

Have you ever felt that? There are many in this world who never have. Never. And that feeling - That sense of oneness - It’s not supposed to be a once-a-year thing. It’s supposed to be the norm.

It is the God-Force. We.

Who is Santa Claus? Go to a city where everyone celebrates the holiday with Santa Claus, and you will see. It’s We, incarnated for one night. The spirits in our physical bodies remember for one night what it is we are, and physically put on a display through a magical illusion that shows what the spirit of God really is, what We are, what We are really supposed to be doing. We become one thing, focused on one objective, and that focusing of the We is what makes Christmas what it is. That intense feeling that you get, when you are enfolded in it, and that intense sense of loss and need when you are not, that intense sense of worthlessness that makes death preferable to living.

The Christmas Holidays aren’t wonderful for all life. Suicide is high at this time of year, and why is that?

Because people have completely lost the connection to what it is they really are. It is akin to losing all of your physical senses. Without it, there is no point to existing. And so they take their own lives to bring peace to their own misery, and to the misery of those around them, who have to deal with them.

People are losing that sense of connection even more in modern times.

But for those who feel the “spirit of the holidays”, the understanding of the truth is still there. They are on the verge of knowing what it is they really are.

The Money God

Holiday Stressors
Holiday Stressors | Source

Why do we insist on covering that up? We insist on burying the truth. We are so afraid of losing that sense of individual identity, individual worth.

We fight over dolls in shopping malls to get the perfect Christmas gifts. We have commercialized the holidays – all of them - in the pursuit of money and materialistic possession. By making it a power game, you either win or lose. We compete to be the "one" who is most recognized.

A simple gift from the heart is seen as cheap, and the only gifts that have value are the ones that will put you in debt for the rest of the year. The strain of coming up with the money and possessions to make everyone around us "happy" has become our God.

This physical, materialistic need has not made us happy. It has made us hate each other, compete with each other, separate from each other. It doesn’t bring that sense of togetherness – it destroys it.

And it seems, almost, that we are doggedly intent on making this thing our One God. Money. Everyone wants to be the "one" with the power that money can buy.

In God We Trust is printed on our money, and some will fight tooth and nail to keep these words on it. We trust the value of a dollar. We have come to trust that God above any other, because it has physical value. But money isn't real either - it's only a concept. It, too, is a Fairy Tale. Only We can make it real, just as only We can make Santa Claus real.

Santa Claus is derisively dismissed as a child’s fairy tale. In fact, some of us are disgusted and angry with those who follow the tradition; it's all about tricking and lying to children. Those of us who are most lost and broken feel Santa Claus is a fairy tale, and so they believe God is a fairy tale, also. These things are just stories to scare children - and adults into behaving the way we want them to.

They were never meant to be either punishment or reward. The spirit doesn't translate well when it becomes physical. We took these things, and shaped them on physical, materialistic values. God was used to create a power base for the few that wished to control the many, and Santa became a symbol of commercialism.

Hand Made Gifts

When did "Gifts from the Heart" become cheap?  Why does money have so much value?
When did "Gifts from the Heart" become cheap? Why does money have so much value? | Source

Let’s go back to the city where everyone celebrates the holiday. A mother secretly makes clothing for her family, a father collects favorite candies and carves small toys throughout the year. The children glue macaroni noodles to a piece of paper and carefully hide their creations under their bed. And then one night, these gifts all manifest in one place, carefully wrapped and placed in silence without the knowledge of any other. The anticipation, the mischievous excitement of being sneaky, the desire to delight and surprise – not yourself, but someone else – these feelings fill the air with a magic so intense it can be felt by the entire city – because the entire city is focused on just this one thing.

For one night, the entire city has only one objective, and that objective, in it's intensity and focus, becomes a sense of oneness.

The gift is what we have to focus on as physical beings – physical gifts. But the objective isn’t the focal point. The objective is the pervasive sense of oneness, the bonded feeling of We. For one night, we actually become the We.

As I have said, We are God. We are what animates the bodies in which we live, and We have forgotten what it is We really are, because the physical container we are in is so very thick and solid, it makes us feel so separate and alone. But We are not.

We are NOT.

For one night, Santa Claus becomes real, and is real, just as God is real. It’s not a fairy tale. The fairy tale is only a model for us in physical form to help us see and understand. Just as a drawing on paper makes a model of a molecule, so it is with our spiritual traditions. That drawing on the paper doesn’t look anything at all like what a molecule really is; it’s just a physical way for us to see it and sense it and understand it – to experience something that is completely real but that we really can’t comprehend. And so we explain it the best we can, with a crude drawing and words.

The explanation of God, using Santa Claus, is also a crude sort of drawing, but it makes you understand what the physical can’t comprehend. For one night, We are focused. For one night, you can actually feel that sense of spirit. For one night, we come as close to being truly what it is We are supposed to be on this earth.


Stuff and Things

Is this what makes the Holidays feel the way they do?  Or is it the atmosphere?  The spirit?  The feeling?
Is this what makes the Holidays feel the way they do? Or is it the atmosphere? The spirit? The feeling? | Source

People long to make Christmas happen every day. But inevitably it dissipates as we return to our every day lives of fending for ourselves, surviving and making money, trying to pay of the years worth of debt we created for that one night. And the stress of making that night happen – it’s fun for the kids, not fun for the parents. They have to work very hard to make it happen, and some don’t see any sense in the doing of it, it’s not worth it. It’s not worth making greedy grasping children who just want more and more every year.

But that was not the point of it. That is NOT the point of it at all.

Giving to charity, working in the soup kitchens, volunteering to build or repair a home, giving of yourself so that others might be happy. THAT is the point of it. And those others, they work for you, they give to you, so that you get the same feelings of contentment and satisfaction in return. It is a two-way street, not a one-way street. You don’t give tirelessly and selflessly all that you have, you don’t sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of others. By doing for others, you create in yourself that sense of anticipation and excitement, that mischievous feeling of surprising someone else with a happy moment, by participating you create that sense that surrounds you that permeates safety and security – of knowing that everyone else around you has your back, has your best interest at heart, as you do theirs.

We, incarnate. Santa Claus, incarnate. God, incarnate.

We are God, and We are Santa Claus. Santa Claus is as We should be, year round. We need to focus. We need to remember what it is we really are, and cast away this system we have created, this physical, materialistic system, where Money has become our God. We need to stop waiting for a fairy tale - some one, powerful thing that isn't us - to come and solve the world’s problems. We are not a fairy tale. We are real, and we are already here to do the job.



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