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Santa's Christmas Eve Dilemma

Updated on December 7, 2020
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I have been writing stories since my children were little. I included them in the stories and they learned to read and love it.



Time are always tough and the holidays rarely make things easier. I know how hard it is to get the gifts without missing anyone, make the food, set up the decor and try to keep the little ones from messing things up; so I wrote this little poem to put a smile on my reader's faces during the holiday 'cheer'.

The Dilemma Of Santa Claus

Santa Claus came to town, angry as could be.

He'd just found out that he had a terrible missing tree.

It was in the yard the night before sparkling and bright.

But when he woke the tree was gone, stolen in the night.

So now he rides in his big red sleigh, the reindeer all in a row.

Dashing, crashing, and smashing the blades through all the sparkly snow.

All at once, he stopped his sleigh in front of a small town park.

There, bright as ever, sat his tree, but the top was very dark.


"Who's responsible for this tree?" Santa yelled at those who stared.

"Twas mine last night in my park with nary a branch that was bare."

"But Santa," cried a little girl who's father had done the deed.

"We didn't have a tree to put up for all to share you see."

"Please Santa," she begged, "don't take it back. We need a tree right here.

It was suppose to be temporary, for the town to surround with cheer.

Santa stood upon his sleigh looking about him with a frown.

"Merry Christmas," he finally said, "but my star was left on the ground."

A man did come to stand nearby, a star he held up for Santa Claus.

"We have the star," he said real soft, "but the task wasn't fit for us."

So Santa smiled and "ho, ho, ho'd" then he took the star from the man

and placed it high upon the tree using his sleigh for a stand.


A Word to the Wise

There was the tree all sparkly, with a star upon its brow.

Everyone held hands and sang, some standing high, some low.

As darkness fell, everyone cheered, to see the tree lit bright.

And Santa smiled and waved good-bye, "I'll see you all tonight."

But before he left he turned to the man and pulled him to the side.

"I saw your plight and agreed to the tree being left before my ride"

"But next year should you need a tree just knock upon my door,

for in the back I have a lot filled with Christmas trees galore."

Now that I know where to get a tree, I have plenty of time to rest up before the big day arrives.
Now that I know where to get a tree, I have plenty of time to rest up before the big day arrives. | Source

And The Moral Is

Always ask, you never know what the answer will be.

A Silly Poem

Oh, what the heck, it was just a silly little poem that I wrote one night as I sat watching my tree sparkle. I suspect that Santa has so many Elves moving about, that such a thing could never come about. Besides, who would steal from Santa Claus?

© 2012 Cheryl Simonds


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