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Santa's last trip

Updated on December 22, 2009
my sheriff family
my sheriff family | Source

There was a time when I heard the rattle on the roof top, not knowing what it was.

My grandson, Camden is not quiet sure about Christmas, but he slept under the three trees   my wife set up this year. Through the eyes of a 6 year old life is grand. We as a society spend the last few years trying to discourage the young people of America about Christmas.

If you look close into the sole of a kid you will see yourself as you were not as you are now. It only takes a flicker away to sink back into the dismal way of live that most of us live. The last year has been hard on countless thousands of families, with foreclosures,credit card debt and the rising cost of food in general.

Getting back to the look, sorry I have a hard time staying on tract sometimes. As adults we are programed to act a certain way about money and taking care of and providing care and welfare to our children. Without getting religious about what we do I know some people get all balled up inside and wounder who's watching our children and you can't help wanting to believe during this time of the year that Santa knows best. 

This year take your wife and kids to a movie and with the money you saved do something nice for someone else. Its easy there is always people who have tried hard all year long to be responsible and at the last moment their whole world seemed to fall apart around them, old or young makes no difference pain is pain. what you get from giving is fulfillment that surpasses all the tea in China. You just may have made the difference in someones life that could have been catastrophic to that family you will never know, but you wont read about them in the paper this week either.

One more thing if you stop and worry about offending one religious group over another you have been indoctrinated by the system. Work from your heart not your learned memory, it best suites you and others around you. Doing little things for others is infectious to the sole and will serve you well this Christmas season. Make this year the best Christmas year you have ever had and don't worry about the health care issue,loosing your gun rights or the country falling in the hands of the liberal left forcing you and your children into slavery of the state.

In closing if nothing I have wrote pleases you then just move aside and let your neighbor or even your children experience the feeling for themselves.

Merry Christmas, again from my family to all of you


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