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Seasons Greetings to one and all! I hope yours was better than mine!

Updated on December 28, 2011
NIDA - National Institute on Drug Abuse in America has some eye openig information on a drug many seem to think is safe!
NIDA - National Institute on Drug Abuse in America has some eye openig information on a drug many seem to think is safe!

I still got to feel sick, ill and drugged in my own home on Christmas day! I cannot believe it, this time last year I went home and I was praying I would not have to put up with my drug taking neighbours for much longer. But a year has gone and I can see no light at the end of the tunnel and it is actually a year and a half since the whole thing started. Since I started being drugged in my own flat, by my lying, cheating manipulative drug using neighbours. As if my life is not stressful enough but on top of it I must deal with this. Symptoms such as throbbing headaches, chest pains, flu like feelings, tummy upsets, nausea and even hallucinations to name a few, go to I had to call out ambulances in the beginning because it was so scary and I was taken into hospital once with chest pains. The paramedics were cautious because I also have a heart murmur. I can smell the cannabis, hashish they are smoking but judging by my symptoms and the different smells entering my flat, they could also be taking other drugs!

The intensity of fumes coming into my flat is incredible and the drug rushes to my head, stomach and chest within minutes. They are using pipes and other apparatus and I have to listen to them preparing the drugs and smoking them and the irritating thudd, thudd over my head as the pipes are released on to the floor after a mouth full, I guess! Right now I am struggling to stay awake at the computer, I feel drugged and sleepy, I am not a person who falls asleep so easily so I know something is coming in and making me very drowsy! But then when I sleep, they wake me through the night with the disgusting smell and noises of them filling their pipes or other preparations, or cleaning out pipes and other apparatus. Their kitchen is right above the head of my bed and this is where they prepare their drugs. Lots of activity also in their bathroom, I 'm sure they are using that as some kind of lab, processing plant!

I have been fighting for a year and a half to evict these nuisance, neighbours from hell! In fact they bring a whole new meaning to the term neighbours from hell because they are quiet sweet looking types but as devious and manipulative as hell! The stereotype of neighbours from hell would be very in your face outgoing, loud types but I have to tell you that apart from the fact that I am not scared of them because of their demeanor. Their underhand devious techniques are almost worse because you don't expect it! At least with the stereotype you know what to expect. They have been better treated than me who is the one suffering health problems. In fact the investigations done by the police and housing association were half hearted, not done properly because it seems they did not want to get to the truth! While I more or less begged the housing association to help me find the evidence for instance by sending someone to witness the awful smell for example. They were more concerned about doing drug tests which I could not see my neighbours accepting anyway! I mean I wouldn't, innocent or guilty. But when you are guilty you cannot do enough to help can you? Think of crimes in the media where the most helpful, most unexpected person is actually the guilty person who has done the crime.

So drug hair tests were done at one of the best labs in the land (they do tests for cases at The Old Bailey) and guess what they were positive!! But then I could not believe what I was hearing, that maybe they only socialise with drug users, that the test alone did not prove they were smoking in there flat!! So why were the tests done? They cost about £700? The only thing I can think of is that they thought the tests would be negative, so they could say there you go so much for drug taking Oremie! Which shows what they think of me and how seriously they took my complaint. Apart from that the housing association did nothing except talk to my neighbours about twice, having warned them of course that they were coming. I always know when the HA are coming because I can hear them manically hovering and cleaning. I don't do all that just because the HA are coming, yet they still always comment on how well I keep the flat and how I have transformed it from what it was!

The police were another disaster because they came to the property and smelt no cannabis, the Sergeant went behind my back and suggested to my doctor that I might need psychiatric help! When I showed the Sergeant the brown staining around gaps in the joins of walls to ceiling, newly exposed when a coat of paint was put on the ceiling in the sitting room. He said that was most probably flooding. Flooding? So water marks which give off a nasty oily substance when a cotton bud is applied (I climbed up and put a cotton bud to the stains and the bud came away with a brown oily substance on it)! When I told the Sgt that they are smoking through pipes or some sort of apparatus, he said no not in this country! What sort of rubbish is that? Capital city of the UK and a Sergeant is telling me that? One of their best chances was when they were asked to do an unannounced visit. I told the same Sergeant face to face not to do the visit at the end of the week, because that is when they do all their manic hovering and cleaning. OK he said! But guess when they did the visit? On a Friday! In fact the very Friday after the day the housing association had visited. Needless to say nothing was found! It has just been a catalogue of efforts on their part to avoid the truth being found, with no thought given to the fact that I am getting serious and unpleasant effects to their drug taking. This backed up by 4 letters from my doctor, cardiologist. In fact according to the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) I am at a 4.8 fold increase of heart attack from passive smoking their cannabis.

So I have been left to suffer in silence, only I cannot suffer such an injustice and say nothing. I a personal trainer have exposed myself to a class B drug and God knows what else! And certainly at the moment there seems to be not a thing I can do. Outrageous! I have been fighting for a year and a half, sending numerous emails, writing to all and sundry, not even my MP can help it seems. I have been to the police, housing association, CAB (Citizen Advice Bureau), Environmental Health, Barnet several times. I have even written to Mr Cameron (PM)and Boris Johnson (Mayor for London), they cannot comment on individual cases apparently but Boris was on the news a little later doing just what should be done here. He was on a drugs raid in a local area or something, commenting on how anti-social behaviour can mess up peoples lives! In the West a citizen has told all the people and institutions concerned that they are getting physical symptoms from drugs, that her health is at risk but she can be just left to cope with it all! Left to deal with it till she snaps and someone gets hurt, or I die from heart attack or other effects of drugs on my body. Of course if I snap, I would just be carted off to some institution because that's the line my neighbours and the police seem to be going with!

I met her in the hall-way the other day and she had the cheek to tell me to look at my mental health, they are smoking drugs day and night but I should look at my mental health??!! I told her to "Piss off"! and I have never said that before to anyone well maybe once to another neighbour of mine. What is this with neighbours? I always have issues with neighbours. Neighbours who make noise, neighbours who take drugs and the fumes come into my flat. Yes, this is the second time, same property same landlord, if I was right before (he admitted eventually that he was using drugs and they moved him), why would I be wrong this time, I know the smell! Neighbours who steal from me. Yes, at least 2 or 3 times! Once all the evidence was there but the police said "You've been watching too much TV luv!"

On my astrological birth chart, I have Saturn (my ruling planet and planet of hard work, obstacles, disappointments, self sacrifice etc) in the fourth house and house of neighbours, property rented or owned and self! Maybe that's why? Anyway I could go on and on but I better end here and I'll keep you updated on this hell of being poisoned in your own home and being powerless to stop it!! See Life of a Capricorn or Maybe Just Cursed (hub about the frustrations of being born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn)!


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    • Oremie B profile imageAUTHOR

      Oremie B 

      6 years ago from North London

      Try not being so rude in the future, who ever you are!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You're a nutcase


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