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Sept. 11th: the day we stood still

Updated on September 10, 2011

September 11th 2001: the day we stood still.

On that fateful day, she woke up and got ready for work. The children were ready for school so after breakfast, they all left the house as a family in their Jeep. Her husband drove the kids to school before he stopped at the world trade centre where she worked. They kissed goodbye as usual before she alighted from the Jeep. “I promise I shall come early today to pick you after work” he said. “Okay! Please do not keep me waiting and have a nice day.”

He promised to come early to pick her but he never knew it would be the last he would speak to his wife. They kissed goodbye but he never knew it was the last kiss. The children did not know their mummy had the last rid with them. They may be young to under what happened but someday they would realize that she would never come back to them even though they cried at the news of her death in the world trade centre. Do they really know what it meant that their mummy is dead? They cried as a family and stood still as they wondered what actually happened and how it really happened. They did not cry alone because all Americans and the rest of the world, those that are positive minded, cried with them. We all stood still because we are one big family.

Today the war on terror is still on and we wonder if it shall ever end. We may not be certain if it will ever end and when it will end but we are certain of one thing which is that it takes courage and strength for one to stand up and fight for the liberty of men. It takes courage to fight for justice. Those men and women that are placed in harm’s way are there because of their belief in justice. They pay the price just as they know that the freedom humanity enjoy today were fought and won by men and most of those men won the freedom with their lives.

Sept. 11th is not the only sad day in human history because terrorist have continued to deny humanity peace and unity in other parts of the world. But we shall forever remember 9/11 because it was the day we stood still in astonishment then the enemies watched and saw that even though we grieved and stood still yet the foundation of United States stood even firmer than ever because they would not move the foundation of a nation founded in liberty. Above all, it was the day the fight against terror took another definition, a definition which defined an action against terrorism which is now a global war.

The families of the 9/11 victims should know that they are not alone in this. We share in their pains. Their lost ones are also heroes because their death may have saved many others as it alerted world on the horrors of terrorism if not checked. Above all there is need to avoid similar event from reoccurring again and that can be done by encouraging those that are ready to stand and fight for liberty and justice even at the expense of their lives.


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