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Seven April Fools Day Pranks That Can Easily Turn Into Trainwrecks

Updated on April 1, 2015

The classic court jester

I pull no punches

I love April Fools Day. Not just a civil-mannered, controlled, "I love ya'" but a growling, loud, and boisterous, "I LOVE," April Fools Day with an open passion. To admit the obvious, I am 61, and my love for this underrated holiday has faded "some," but like an undying ember underneath a huge bonfire enjoyed at a Boy Scout Jamboree, my love can increase instantly and with power, depending on the pranks I get to pull and those pulled on me.

A canned horn placed behind  a door can give people a big laugh when the door is opened.
A canned horn placed behind a door can give people a big laugh when the door is opened.
Les Walters, left, and Anthony Robbins, a freelance sportswriter for Les' paper at the Super Six High School Playoff Games played in Birmingam, AL.
Les Walters, left, and Anthony Robbins, a freelance sportswriter for Les' paper at the Super Six High School Playoff Games played in Birmingam, AL.

An April Fools Day fact

This fact, which is April Fool's Day-related and can be documented. My former publisher/general manager, Les Walters, of the Journal Record newspaper in Hamilton, Alabama where I live, was born on April 1. And you can bet the farm on him getting razzed all during "this" day by pranksters of his current and past life and it was so much fun to see just how diabolical what friends (I could rope) into helping me with our own harmless joke to pull on him to celebrate his birthday.

Putting fake ants on someone's lunch is a fun prank, but make sure that the ants ARE fake.
Putting fake ants on someone's lunch is a fun prank, but make sure that the ants ARE fake.

April Fools Day remembered

We can be credited years ago for convincing one of the major television stations' sports director actually calling him during working hours and 'conning" Walters into believing that he, the sports director, needed some vital information about a fictitious person who's murder turned into a cold case years back and the sports director was told by a Marion Co. official that Walters would be the ideal "go to man," for information.

The trouble with this prank is that we got to pull it one time. And that was it, for Les is so intelligent that he would remember how we "burned" him if we were to try it again. Ahhh, good times.

This joke could go either way, bad or good

This is not an enema

A fake lapel flower that squirts water.
A fake lapel flower that squirts water.

April Fools memories

I would tell you about the humiliating April Fools Day jokes he has pulled on me, but I need to get this written and "put on the wire" before early morning. Yes, my valued-followers, I do sleep sometimes.

Everyone at one time for the other has been involved with an April Fools Day prank that backfired on the person pulling the prank. This feeling can be easily described in these terms: severely-painful, beyond embarrassing, and so bad a new car and a thousand apologies cannot mend the fence.

Here is what I am talking about:

Seven April Fools Day Pranks That Can Easily Turn Into Trainwrecks

The fabled Whopee Cushion.
The fabled Whopee Cushion.
To you!
To you!
Getting your face decorated while you sleep.
Getting your face decorated while you sleep.
The joy buzzer is still a crowd-favorite.
The joy buzzer is still a crowd-favorite.
The old pie in the face gag.
The old pie in the face gag.
This is hilarious.
This is hilarious.

Hey, followers!

I need you to do me a huge favor.

Please call my good friend, Les Walters, when you read this hub, at this number: 1-205-921-3104, this is the Journal Record newspaper where I used to work, and wish him a happy birthday.

Also tell him that I asked you to do this for him. I would really appreciate this, followers.

Sincerely, Kenneth

PLANTING A SNAKE -- inside someone's shoes at a relative's home for a yearly-holiday. One thing about this prank is making sure that the snake stays put in the victim's shoes. And the victim does not suffer from a heart problem. I do not need to tell you what could happen. But it does involve a lawyer.

PLACING SHAMPOO -- inside a victim's shower head. You will not get to enjoy this unless the victim's spouse calls you and tells you, but how would they know? I have did this to a good friend's wife while they were away on their honeymoon and man, was she upset. If that didn't turn her against me, the corn flakes the groom's little brother placed underneath their bed sheets turned the trick.

SENDING A STRIPPER -- of course a paid stripper to a male or female victim at their workplace. This is a great joke if kept decent. And I wouldn't help do a prank unless it was decent. Not that I am holier than thou, but I hate to seriously hurt feelings. I know of a preacher who got pranked with a male stripper and he laughed his head off. What a great sport.

GETTING A FAKE UPS -- employee to deliver a "gift" to a man or woman from their husband. This one takes time to design. You need a good friend who works for UPS to get you a box with a national jewelry company's name on it and put the jokee's name on it. All they do is sign and open the box to ten or fifteen "spring snakes" that pop out on them. If the fake UPS man starts to laugh, the prank is ruined.

SETTING A FRIEND UP -- with an arrest warrant from a city far away from your own hometown. And this joke is best pulled when April Fools Day is long forgotten. The officer serving the subpoena has to know when the girl victim was in his town shopping with friends, but you have to have help from a couple of female coworkers who will find out the vital information for you during a lunch with the victim. And know for sure that this girl isn't married to a short-tempered guy who does not appreciate you pranking her.

THE REPO MAN -- is always a good prank. If you prank a guy. Because his wife can be "in" on the joke. A male friend that the victim does not know, agrees to be a repo man from wherever the guy bought his car, but for some reason, the bank or finance company has not received a payment in three months. Have this friend, a bank employee, to fill-out real repo papers in the victim's name and send him to the guy's workplace or home to get the car. Add a muscular tee-shirt wearing bodyguard to the mix and you have yourself a great prank. If two officers on your local police force want to help, that is even better. But do not let it go on too long, or this poor guy might lose it.

THE MECHANIC -- is a simple prank, but be careful. If you get found out as the prank mastermind, you might get cursed out. During work hours, have someone with mechanical know-how, unplug the coil wire from the distributor of the friend's car and before lunch, your "main boss" wants you, the victim, and two other employees to meet him at a local eatery for an impromptu meeting, but make sure your vehicle is not available. Can you picture the fun when you four jump into the friend's car and he tries and tries to start the car, but no dice. You act impatient and scared that your "big boss" may fire all of you for being late. When the joke is over, have the guy with mechanical know-how fix the coil wire.

And dear followers, I guess you are waiting for an April Fools Day joke that I am going to pull on you.

Sorry. This hub is all I got.

The great Orson Wells' radio thriller:  "War of The Worlds" set American  to yelling,  "Save us!"
The great Orson Wells' radio thriller: "War of The Worlds" set American to yelling, "Save us!"

Wells at Work

Orson Wells' classic, War of The Worlds radio broadcast was performed as a Halloween episode of the series on October 30, 1938 over the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. This prank was directed and narrated by Orson Welles, the episode was an adaptation of H. G. Wells' novel The War of the Worlds.


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Thank you for your comment.

      And I know that feeling. My daughter, before she married, and her fiancé, tricked me good one evening by giving me a letter supposedly from a mutual friend.

      But when I began reading the contents, it was a fake from her and her future husband.

      As David Letterman used to say, "Man, was my face red with embarrassment."

      Ahhh, good days.

      Please come back and visit anytime.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      3 years ago from California

      It's not April Fools Day, but one of my kids pranked me. I have been fuming at him for not going to school. It turns out the reason his car is here is because he rode his bicycle. Apparently he left about 2 hours before his class. It's only about 4 miles so he didn't miss his 8 am class.

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Dear Rebecca,

      You are so kind in leaving me such a sweet comment.

      No, sad to admit, I am not a master of April Fools Day jokes. I just like to engineer them. Oops. LOL.

      And it was my pleasure to share them.

      Your Friend for Life, Kenneth

    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 

      3 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      It sounds like you are a master at April Fool's Day jokes. Being a teacher, I have learned to hate the day. Thanks for sharing these seven tricks with us.


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