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Seven Handy Tips For Your Kids On Halloween

Updated on October 28, 2009

Suggestions and reminders for parents

If you are a parent and have young offspring, I'm sure that they tend to get really excited around late October every year.

And why not, considering it is Halloween?

That is the one day when children get to dress up in outlandish costumes and pretend to be something - or someone - else in public, and no one will think anything of it.

Having worked with kids in schools, playgrounds, and sports for roughly twenty years, and having been to many Halloween parties, fall festivals, and school parades where the kids give their trick-or-treat outfits the world premiere, I've put together a few tips to make sure your little witches and Hannah Montanas stay safe on October 31st:

1. Have your kids carry a flashlight at all times. This is for fairly obvious reasons; it's always a good thing for them to be able to see in the dark.

2. Make sure that your child's costume has bright colors, so they can easily be spotted. The best colors for this are white, gold, light blue, pink, and bright yellow.

3. The younger the child, the earlier they should go out. It's just not a good idea for a person under age six to be walking around at night, even with parents. If your little Sponge Bob is in kindergarten, pre-school, or younger, the sun should still be out when you and them go out.

4. Your kids' shoes should be easy to walk in. Trust me on this, if they go collecting their candy in platforms or high heeled pumped looking like an extra from Saturday Night Fever or like they just did the latest runway show in New York, I'll guarantee that they will be complaining about how their feet hurt before they are halfway through the neighborhood. Sneakers or tennis shoes are best.

5. The costumes should be comfortable. If your pre-teeny bopper desires to dress like Lady Gaga or Beyonce in their latest videos, fine. Even though seeing them all skanked up will undoubtedly be cringe-inducing, it is Halloween after all. Just make sure that the outfit is comfy. And tell them that if they get skin rashes from all the fishnets and spandex, don't come crying to you.

6. Masks are not a good idea. For the same reason they need a flashlight, your youngsters need to be able to see while they are getting their goodies. Face paint is a better option here.

I've saved this tip for last, because it's the most important one:

7. Thoroughly check everything your kids have collected when they get home. The second your young ghosts, pirates and Cinderellas walk through your door, have them dump all of their stuff on the nearest table, and carefully inspect each piece. Any wrapped candy that has even the most minute of tears need to be trashed on the spot.

It's also a very good idea to find out if your area has any places like hospitals that will x-ray your kids' loot. Things such as needles and razor blades have been found this way.

Believe me when I state that it is worth it to be vigilant in this.There are crazy people everywhere - please don't take any chances with your loved ones.

Make sure that your kids stay safe, and your Halloween will be a happy one for everybody involved.




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