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Seven Things to Look Forward to in Fall

Updated on September 17, 2015

Okay, summer is officially over in some places, but it’s not over everywhere. Out in the desert people are still experiencing 90 degree weather (I wouldn’t call that fall weather just yet!). For those of us in colder climates who are already approaching the dead of winter and those of us who just can’t wait for it to drop down to 80 degrees here is a list of ten things we can all look forward to in fall:

1. Hot Chocolate. Duh, fall means cold and cold means only one thing: drinkable chocolate! I drink hot chocolate year round, even in the heat of summer when I’m feeling nostalgic for winter weather. But, for normal people fall means hot chocolate weather is officially here! Indulge. For a super experimental indulgence check out this book – Hot Chocolate: 50 Heavenly Cups of Comfort by Fred Thompson (link at bottom of page).

2. Sweaters. If you are a sweater lover and you LOVE to cover up you can do so without looking like a freak wearing sweaters in the heat of summer (me…). Fall is a good time to learn how to knit or sew your favorite winter clothes and scarves. It’s never a bad time to learn a new skill!

3. Pumpkin Stuff! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin lattes, pumpkins on your porch, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin soup, candied pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, candy corn pumpkins, pumpkin cat costumes…

4. Snow! Some people aren’t so excited about snow, and it’s totally understandable! Those of us living in hotter climates, however, go crazy for snow! Sometimes in a bad way. One snowflake falls in a desert city and the whole town shuts down, pipes burst, cars collide, hips break…no joke. Still, snow is awesome for the most part! Snow days, snow men, snow women, snow rabbits, snowboarding, snow ball fights…it’s awesome.

5. Shorter Semesters. For those of us in school, we all know that the fall semester is shorter, or it definitely seems shorter. Most people agree that the fall semesters are more exciting and people experience better motivation during this time of the year. Plus, fall reading is the definition of euphoria.

6. Strung Lights. Whether you are religious or not, whether it’s even a religious thing or not, strung lights are awesome! They’re pretty, they’re exciting, and they remind us that it’s a good day to celebrate. It’s always exciting to see how your neighbor is decorating his house this year, isn’t it? (Assuming he doesn’t have blaring-holiday-music-singing-light-up-things by your window at 1 a.m.).

7. End-of-year bucket lists. Nobody thinks that hard about their 2015 bucket list in January (they still have 12 whole months!). By September and October it becomes a bigger deal to think about what you want to do before the year ends. Have fun!

There are SO many more things to look forward to in the coming months, but these are just some of my very simple, but very exciting favorites! What are the things that you love most about fall?

Beautiful days are ahead




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