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Should You Get Her Jewelry for Valentine's Day?

Updated on January 17, 2013
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Laura believes holidays and events should be celebrated whether you are alone or with family & friends. Celebrate yourself & being alive.


The traditional gifts for your Valentine, on Valentine;s Day are chocolates, flowers and jewellery. Then you might take her (or him) out for dinner, dancing, and if all works out well, a romantic night at home. That's the ideal we see in magazines and movies. But, those people have script writers, set designers and wardrobe/ costume artists. Those of us ordinary humans just have out own wits, instincts and whatever romantic notions we have scraped together.

Chocolates and flowers aren't so complicated. The stores have them all lined up in tidy rows for you to pick them up, pay and take them home. There isn't even much guess work any more. Does she like chocolate, likely? From there you have a choice between the standard milk chocolate or the more trendy and intimate, dark chocolate. In the case of flowers, you don't need to worry about those at all if she has allergies. If not, the standard roses are nice. Don't buy them from the grocery store or the gas station - those tend to fade too quickly. Carnations are a safer bet and much less expensive than roses on Valentine's Day.

Now that leaves you at jewellery. You don't have to spend your entire pay cheque to buy jewellery. You do need to know some basics about your Valentine: her style, her ring size and if she actually wears jewellery, for instance.


Picking Out Valentine Jewellery

First of all, does she wear jewellery? Not everyone wears jewellery, man or woman. If you haven't noticed, start looking.

What kind of jewellery does she (or he) wear? Rings, brooches, necklaces, pins, earrings, bracelet, etc.? Then there is a whole category of jewellery for the body piercing types like nose rings. I'm not an expert on that and I don't know all the right names for most of the jewellery worn in belly buttons, on toes and other, more intimate places of the human body.

Next thing you need to know, if she does wear jewellery - is there an allergy or sensitivity to something like silver or gold, or any kind of man made substance? You will probably have to just come out and ask about that. If you get it wrong he or she will never be able to wear something that causes their skin to break out.

You also need to spend time and observe her style of jewellery, fashion in general. Does she like pink, frilly, girlie stuff? Does she prefer a professional image with something not so flashy, pink or trendy? Maybe she loves anything that shines and sparkles in a rainbow of colours. This is important to know when you begin looking at Valentine jewellery. There is no point in spending money on something that doesn't appeal to her sense of style and taste. Also, it will impress her that you were actually paying attention and know her so well.

When you look at the actual jewellery and you are thinking about the financial side of things, also consider how well it is made. There should be a reliable fastening, there should be no rough edges which will catch on clothing and watch for loose stones, or anything that doesn't seem right. Don't waste your money on something that will fall apart. Also, this is the time to know a bit about cheap man made metals which turn green and leave her finger, wrist, whatever green as well. In general, avoid cheap junk and you will be fine. However, back yourself up by making sure the seller offers a decent money back guarantee.

Some jewellery, rings in particular, you will need to know a size for. A necklace has different lengths. Chances are she has pierced ears for earrings, but this is something else you need to be observant about before you buy them.If you want to keep this a surprise you can either stick with something safe like a brooch or get a gift receipt at the store so she can come back and exchange it for the right size. It is better if you can avoid the gift receipt, you want her to think you picked out just the right romantic Valentine jewellery because you know what she likes after all.


Gift Wrapping and a Word of Warning

Gift wrapping counts.

One word of warning first, unless you actually are giving her an engagement ring on Valentine's Day - do not wrap up your gift in a small square shaped box like a ring. Don't raise her expectations, not even because you think it will be funny. This is not a joke that will turn out well for you. Even if she laughs a bit at the time - she isn't laughing on the inside and you have gotten her started thinking about weddings, marriage, and all of that. Was that something you wanted to start? If the answer is no, avoid bringing up the question.

You can easily find a great way to wrap up a Valentine jewellery gift. The store you bought it from should have a service to do this. That is the easiest way.

Use a thick, fabric ribbon and tie the jewellery to an empty box as if it were the garnish. Put a note inside the box with some romantic thoughts and (if you like) an invitation to dinner or a coupon for a hug, kiss, etc. (Make sure the jewellery is securely on the box but don't use glue or anything which you can't easily remove or anything which could damage the jewellery).

You can also buy a gift bag at another store. You can wrap it up in a scarf (one of those silky types). Buy dish drying towels at the Dollar Store and wrap it up in one of those, as a little joke. Tie it up with ribbon to make it pretty and let her think you didn't spend much - until she opens it. Plus, who can't use another dish towel around? You can find endless gift wrapping ideas online.


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    • That Grrl profile image

      Laura Brown 5 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      I don't agree about the necklace. Some women are particular about the length of chain. Me being one of them. I don't like anything too close around my neck or hanging too far down over my boobs so that it swings underneath them and looks silly.

      I think the safest thing with jewellery is a brooch. It doesn't matter if she is old, young, fat or skinny then. You can even pin it onto other things, besides your sweater so its adaptable.

    • Raptorcat profile image

      Raptorcat 5 years ago from North Lauderdale, FL

      You can almost never go wrong with jewelry, but it is also important to get pieces that fit the taste of the recipient.

      I make some custom pieces (using chainmaille) and it is pretty surprising how many people have such diverse tastes. Sometimes the most humble little piece can be the most precious to a woman that is normally seen wearing nothing but silver and gold. And if it is a one of a kind, or otherwise very unique, it is even more special.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Getting the wrong size for the ring can be embarrassing. Might as well go for pendant with gold necklace, suits for any occasion. Heart or diamond are my favorites! Voted up for the tips