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How to Spend Valentine's Day Single - Things to Do to Be Happy and to Survive Alone

Updated on January 5, 2020

What do you think about Valentine's Day?

It's February 14th again.
It's February 14th again. | Source

Does being alone have to be lonely? How to Survive

Having been single on Valentine's Day for much of my life, I can tell you that being alone does not have to mean being lonely.

When I haven't been with someone, I've always been aware of February 14th, but I've often found other ways to spend the holiday so that it wasn't a negative day for me. Perhaps it's just another day to you, or maybe being alone does bother you. Whatever your mindset, Valentine's Day can be a day that you take care of your own needs and pamper yourself a bit for a change.

How to Be Happy - Pamper Yourself!

Take Valentine's Day to pamper yourself. Even the Bible says you must love youself before loving others, so take care of "number one." Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, or a massage. Whatever your pleasure, indulge in it on this day.

Drown yourself (not literally) in a bubble bath with candles all around. Sip on champagne while listening to your favorite relaxing music. Enjoy Valentine's Day by nurturing and enjoying yourself.

Go to a Valentine's party!

If you are single, chances are that at least some of your friends are, too. One of your friends may be throwing a party for singles, and you may want to go! Heck, you may want to throw your own Valentine's Day party!

Have a "date" with a special person

Not having a romantic date doesn't mean that you can't spend Valentine's Day with someone special. Get together with a good friend who is also alone. Go out dancing or just stay home and talk.

You can also spend time with your favorite kids. I've sometimes given my nieces Valentine's gifts. Consider taking a niece or nephew or other special child out to a favorite place. Fast food? Ice cream? Movies? You will get your mind off of things and make a special kid's day.

If you're a pet lover, you can even spend the day with your beloved furry family. Take your dog or cats to the local pet store. Buy special chews for your dog and some catnip toys for your cats. Have a great time with your pet family that is always there for you.

Work on your favorite hobby

You might want to take some time to work on one of your favorite pastimes that you normally don't take the time for. Take your mind off any possible loneliness by enjoying something you love. What do you love to do?

  • play piano, guitar, or other musical instrument
  • scrapbook or organize photos
  • cook; create a new recipe
  • sew or work on a craft

These are only a few ideas. Just lose yourself in something you enjoy.

Get something done!

Another option is to make yourself feel good by accomplishing a chore that you've been wanting to complete. Have you been putting off cleaning out certain closets at your place? Do you need to organize the garage, or maybe just your movies? Whatever project you have been putting off, this day might be just the time to make you feel better about yourself by completing something that you have been wanting to get done for a long time.

Write or contact others

Another quiet activity is to reflect on the special people in your life. Write a letter to someone you love. Jot heartfelt notes on cards to send to people. Share your heart with others to make this a special Valentine's Day.

Email and phone calls are, of course, another option to connect with those you care about in your life.

Spend some quiet time

Enjoy your evening by reading, watching a movie, or writing in a journal. Exercise your mind with crosswords or Sudoku.

Maybe you've been wanting to try yoga. Do that or some other exercise in the comfort of your own home. Improve your mind or your body with some time alone with just YOU.

Make a list

I love making lists, whether for daily tasks or long-term goals. When you're spending Valentine's Day alone, you have the perfect time to reflect on your life. It's an excellent time to think about things you want to improve, tasks to work on, and goals to accomplish. Make a list of all the things you're thinking of that you want to implement.

There are other ways to survive being single on Valentine's Day. Look at all that you have to be happy about. Be productive or just have fun. Whatever you decide to do, just enjoy yourself.

Valentine's Day Question

How do you usually spend Valentine's Day?

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