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Slim Christmas Trees

Updated on June 3, 2011

Christmas trees are one of the fundamental aspects of Christmas; without a Christmas tree you're missing some of the magical atmosphere that makes the annual event so special. Big, small, slim, flocked, artificial - there are dozens of different types of Christmas trees to choose from. What kind of Christmas tree you choose is, well, up to you and your tradition; if you have the family that likes to stay true to the roots of the celebration than a normal, live, Christmas tree is for you.

If, however, you like to deter from that path, save some money - maybe be a little more eco-friendly - than a fake Christmas tree, also known as an artificial Christmas tree, is for you.

The next question: what kind of artificial Christmas tree is for you?


Slim Christmas trees can fit in areas normal trees cannot.
Slim Christmas trees can fit in areas normal trees cannot. | Source
A small Christmas tree is great for tables and ledges.
A small Christmas tree is great for tables and ledges. | Source

Different Types of Slim Christmas Trees

Slim Christmas trees, surprisingly, come in many different styles and shapes. They are designed specifically for tighter spaces, such as entryways and foyers of the house. The slim and slender shape of the Christmas tree adds a certain elegance to the design; it's not nearly as full as, say, a live Christmas tree, but it can look just as majestic.

Different types of Slim artificial Christmas Trees:

  • Small Christmas tree: This is considered in the family of slim Christmas trees. It's a narrow tree that is at least half the height of normal trees. A great tree for ledges and tables.
  • Narrow Christmas tree: Take the Slim Christmas tree and make it slightly slimmer. The Narrow Christmas tree is for those rare and extra tight spaces.
  • Pencil Christmas Tree: Taller and more narrow than a regular Slim Christmas tree, pencil Christmas trees work great in pairs. Get two of these to add symmetry to a room.
  • Spiral Christmas Tree: One of the most popular artificial Christmas trees. I consider part of the family of Slim Christmas trees, as it's not as tall and narrow as a pencil tree, but isn't as small as a small tree; it also, hence the name, has branches that spiral.
  • Tiny Christmas Tree: Also known as the small Christmas tree - may even be a bit smaller.

Buy Slim Christmas Trees

If you think you know what kind of Slim Christmas Tree you want to buy remember that the majority of Slim Christmas tree are artificial Christmas trees; although many of them are now real look artificial trees.

Keep in mind the following when buying a slim Christmas tree:

  • For a higher price you can purchase a slim pre-lit Christmas tree.  These usually come with a double warranty - 10 years on the tree and 3 years on the lights.
  • For regular slim Christmas trees you can buy a tree up to heights of ten feet (heights smaller than 6 feet and you're looking at buying a small Christmas tree).
  • Slim Christmas trees can come in the style of Frasier fir, red spruces and even have the look of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. 


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    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 7 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      i didnt even realise you could buy thin christmas trees- thanks for the education