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Snow White and Happy Costumes for Mickey's Not-so-scary Halloween Party

Updated on June 20, 2015
The author in front of the sign for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride, which was still under construction at the time
The author in front of the sign for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride, which was still under construction at the time

After our successful outing as Tweedledee and Tweedledum at Mickey's Not-so-scary Halloween Party, we were excited to do it again, but as always the question is what shall we dress as? Click the link below to see us as the Tweedles.

Cute, huh? Well we wanted to top ourselves, and we thought about who we wanted to be. We came up with a list of different couples, but finally Hollie declared, "I want to be a princess." Well who can argue with that? Once she said that, I knew who she would be: her all-time favorite, Snow White, a character she has loved ever since she was, in her words, "an itty bitty."

Snow White has never heard of Rabies
Snow White has never heard of Rabies

So once it was settled that Hollie was to be Snow White, who would I be? I was not too keen on being Prince Charming, because... well let's take a look at him.


He's kind of lame as far as princes go. Cinderella's prince has the military look, and Prince Phillip has the red cloak and hat, but Snow White's prince wears a tunic and poofy hat. So instead of a prince, Hollie thought I should be one of the Seven Dwarfs. I knew which one she meant.

Remember when Disney rereleased Snow White on blu-ray? The commercial for it featured the dwarf Happy doing his little dance from "The Silly Song."

Being the fool I am, I would get up and imitate the dance, which is just a little step-hop-shuffle. She decided that I just had to be Happy.

watch about 48 seconds in

The great thing about Hollie's costume was that there already was a pattern for it. Why try to reinvent the wheel, when the tools are right there for you?

Disney licensing works for everyone
Disney licensing works for everyone

I was surprised in how similar Snow White and Cinderella's dresses where. They are both bodices with poofy sleeves and full skirts. The big difference is the collar. The collar is a bit of a pain because it's not attached to the rest of the costume. After all you have a zipper up the back and the collar goes on after the dress is on, secured by velcro and snaps. The cape covers the zipper.

The interior drawing of the costume
The interior drawing of the costume | Source

For a laugh, look at this old pattern I found.

I wasn't happy with the sleeves on the pattern so I had to improvise. In the pattern, they want you to make the sleeve in blue and sew on red appliqu├ęs. Put that's not what that's supposed to be. The idea is that the blue sleeve has windows that you can see the red material through.

So what I did was to make the sleeve in red and then create an over sleeve that has windows cut out of it. I used the same pattern for the sleeve, but replicated it in brown paper. See below.

The arm pattern modified using brown paper
The arm pattern modified using brown paper

As you can see, it worked out perfect. Sometime you just have to make adjustments.

Sleeve detail
Sleeve detail

Hollie looked great in her costume. She decided to take the joke to Eleven by adding a small bird on her finger. We found a small bird at Michael's and attached a small elastic band around it. I don't have a picture of it, but I also made her a red apple-shaped purse.

Hollie as Snow White. Notice the bird.
Hollie as Snow White. Notice the bird.

Happy was another story. After all, they didn't make a pattern for the Dwarfs, or did they?

No. Just no.
No. Just no.

As usual, I had to figure out how to create the costume on my own, using pieces from different patterns. I needed a shirt, a vest and a pair of pants, as well as finding out how to make the shoes and hat.

For the shirt i used a pattern I already had for a Western character.

Both the vest and the pants came from the same pattern. I use this pirate pattern a lot. The vest is large and can be adapted in many different ways. So the vest was used as well as the pants.

On thing I always suggest is to make pockets in your pants and to make sure that they have zippers in them. If you're going to go on rides, you don't want your wallet or keys falling out in a Doombuggy.

The hat was simple, just a stocking cap. I ordered a white beard online and used make up to make my eyebrows white. I felt a simple beard was going to look better than a long fake Santa Claus style beard.

The shoes were easy in concept but took time in execution. I thought that it was best to wear comfortable shoes, and i thought that boot covers might be the way to go, but I have never like the way that boot covers look. They look as fake as they are. But this time I look it to another level. I made the boot covers out of fabric and glued velcro around the edges. I then glued the matching velcro around an old pair of sneakers. Not only did i have little booties, but now I had a method of creating costume shoes for future use. All I had to do was make new covers for whatever costume I wanted.

As you can see, I added belt loops and patches to the costume, which match the character in the films.

We were a hit. People complimented us a we went along and a Disney Cast Member said we looked better than the costumes in the park.

So we begin to plan for the next year immediately...


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