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So You Were Born on the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Snake

Updated on November 8, 2012

Year of the Snake Personality

Chinese zodiac signs that are known to be good seducers are born in the year of the Snake. Typically people who are born under the zodiac sign of Snake are known to be popular and charming. They are known to be magnets of spotlights no matter where they are, which means they are never ignored wherever they are.

Despite these traits, they don't often talk and create noise because they have manners that are excellent. Some people may assume that people who are born under this sign have bad attitudes, but they are not. They are good-hearted people, and this is the reason why a lot of people want to be friends with them.

People who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign of Snake are known to create decisions rapidly, but they always make sure that they can handle whatever consequences may take place. They also don't like to gossip as they don't like wasting their time, and they prefer thinking of things that will help them grow as an individual.

They are known to be philosophers and intellectual individuals. Another thing that people should know about Snakes is that they rely on the initial impressions that a person gives them. They trust their own instincts over what other people tell them. The reason behind this is because they believe that they are equipped with a sixth sense, which is why they believe trusting their instincts is definitely a must.

When it comes to money talks, they have the tendency to be very tight. They may show sympathy for you, but it doesn't mean that they are going to lend you the money that you need. They may offer different help, but if they can avoid lending you money they will definitely not lend you any amount.

People who are born under this Chinese zodiac sign tend to be possessive whenever they do someone else a favor. This can be odd for some people, especially the ones who are not used to how a Snake treats people.

Metal Snake 1941 and 2001

People who are born under the metal Snake are known to be determined in achieving the goals that they have in their lives. They always protect themselves for any possibility of failure because they don't like to experience anything negative when it comes to achieving goals. Money is one of the things that is important to them, which is why they always make sure that they can generate more money before spending that much. People may sometimes not notice them because of how silent and sharply they move from one corner to the other. Lastly, people who are born under the metal Snake are always out to achieve the top spot in everything that they do.

Water Snake 1953 and 2013

Some of the most insightful and influential people are the ones who are born under the water Snake. They are known to be good organizers and managers, which is why every staff and event that they manage comes out successful. When it comes to achieving success, they are always on the go and they will never stop until they reach the peak of success. People who are born under the water Snake are always expecting rewards, whether for themselves or from other people because they believe that they deserve it. Lastly, when it comes to friends and families they have the tendency to become really passionate. On the other hand their partners in business and other colleagues won't experience this kind of attitude from the water Snake.

Wood Snake 1905 and 1965

Foundation and solidity are two of the most known characteristics of people who are born under the wood Snake. Unlike the other Snakes, they are not too self-preserving because they believe that they don't need this kind of style in their lives. When it comes to family and friends they are known to have a stable relationship with them, and this is mainly because of the love that they show around their family and friends. On the other hand, they don't often listen or accept the reasons of their loved ones because they would rather handle it on their own. Lastly, they are known to be very genuine and kind to everyone that they meet along the way.

Fire Snake 1917 and 1977

People under the fire Snake are known to be very loud when it comes to speaking out their opinions to other people. This can be a different characteristic for them, since they are known to be extroverts. If you're going to talk a fire Snake, you should be ready to be left breathless because of the way they talk to people. They are always very intriguing, which makes people want them around more. People under this sign are known to make people believe that the opinions that they have in mind are better than the rest. Some people may think that the fire Snake is a bit self centered, but this is their way to reach the goals that they have.

Earth Snake 1929 and 1989

Relaxation is one of the best ways to describe people who are born under earth Snake. They are very calm and know how to be down to earth when needed, especially if they are around people they are not familiar with. They are also known to be friendly, but be careful because you'll never know what they are currently thinking. A lot of earth Snake people often experience paranoia, which makes them to avoid taking risks in everything that they do. On the other hand, they often discover the good ethics that they need to be able to work properly, to give them the satisfaction and fortune that they need.

Overall, people who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign on the Snake are the ones who can't be ignored that easily. They have charm and personalities that everyone will surely love to see often. These things may also be the reason why a lot of astrologers see them as beguiling. Finally since they have an alluring eye for everything and everyone, people find them irresistible and seductive.


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