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Solar Christmas Lights at a Discount

Updated on October 27, 2011

Outdoor Christmas lights


If you enjoy decorating your lawn for Christmas, solar lights can make your job a lot easier! Outdoor Christmas lights are a festive addition to any yard, and they really help to spread the holiday spirit throughout your neighborhood. We’ve always used Christmas lights in our front yard. As soon as the outdoor Christmas lights and other outdoor decorations are in place, we always notice people driving by our place slowly, enjoying the show. Even if we decided we didn’t want to put up the outdoor Christmas lights for some reason, I don’t think the grandkids would approve!


Why solar Christmas lights?


If you’ve ever bothered with traditional outdoor lights for Christmas, solar lights will be very appealing to you. Solar powered Christmas lights don’t need to be plugged in. You won’t have to worry about where your electrical outlet is, so you won’t be limited as to where you can place your Christmas lights. Solar powered Christmas lights are powered by natural sunlight. They absorb energy from the sun during the day, then use it at night to illuminate the Christmas lights.


Solar powered Christmas lights are a cinch to put up. There’s no dragging out yards and yards of extension cords and having that huge bundle of plugs hanging precariously from your outdoor receptacle. And if you don’t have a handy outdoor electrical outlet, the problem is compounded. You have to leave a window cracked in order to plug in the cords inside the house. You’re allowing a lot of energy escape that way – a high price to pay just for Christmas lights. Even worse, you could be leaving your home vulnerable to burglaries. That’s an even higher price to pay for outdoor Christmas lights!


With solar powered Christmas lights, you won’t even have to remember to plug them in. Solar Christmas lights turn on automatically at dusk. Most outdoor Christmas lights that are solar lights burn for about eight hours. At that point, they turn themselves off. No more going out into the cold to unplug your Christmas lights.


With solar Christmas lights, you can decorate wherever you want. Hang Christmas lights from the eaves of your home, around the columns on your front porch, and draped over your shrubbery. Since you won’t be limited by electrical cords, you can use solar powered Christmas lights around your mailbox post, too.


Types of solar Christmas lights


You’ll several different types and colors of solar powered Christmas lights. One of the most popular is the miniature Christmas lights on strings. These are just like the traditional string Christmas lights, only they don’t need an electrical source. These solar Christmas lights come in colors like blue, red, multi, and white or clear.


Another popular type of solar Christmas lights is the net lights. These are perfect for using on shrubbery, as the lights are automatically spaced. All you have to do is drape the lights over a shrub, and voila – you have the perfectly decorated shrubbery.


Another type of solar powered Christmas lights is the yard ornament. These might be in the shape of a candle, a snowman, a gift, or a star. These Christmas lights decorations work the same way as the above solar lights. They’re just in a shape instead of on strings.


Solar Christmas lights are surprisingly durable. We’ve used the same sets of solar lights outdoors for several years now. I’d say that makes solar Christmas lights pretty long lasting, too!


How much do solar Christmas lights cost?


Solar Christmas lights are inexpensive. For example, a string of 60 solar lights costs less than $20. The solar Christmas lights in shapes like a snowman or candle are even cheaper. This type of outdoor Christmas lights usually costs under $15.


Solar Christmas lights to patio lights


Why not let your solar Christmas lights pull double duty? The solar lights you use at Christmas can also serve as patio lights. This is a great way to get even more use from your solar Christmas lights.


If you live in the Northern hemisphere, it’s probably chilly at Christmastime, so you might not be using your deck or patio, anyway. The solar lights can be used as outdoor Christmas lights.


Once the holiday season is over, take the solar lights down and store them until the weather warms up. Then you can use the solar lights as patio lights! You can even use the net lights as patio lights by adorning your patio shrubbery with them. The patio lights will liven up your outdoor living spaces, just like the solar lights added a festive touch as outdoor Christmas lights.


String the solar lights around your deck railing or hang them from the overhang near your deck or patio. It’s super easy to turn practically any type of solar lights into patio lights!


Where to buy solar Christmas lights


Solar Christmas lights can often be found in stores if you shop early. If you wait, however, chances are that the solar Christmas lights will be sold out. We’ve found this to be especially true of the net lights.


To see several different types of solar Christmas lights, search online.


Check out the great solar Christmas lights below, too!



Solar Christmas lights can double as patio lights!
Solar Christmas lights can double as patio lights!

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