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Solve My Problem

Updated on April 25, 2016

This web page is dedicated to helping solve frequent problems that party-goers are plagued with. Some of the questions below have been curated from either my experiences or problems that my friends have asked.

Q: What is an appropriate time to arrive to a party that starts at 9 pm?

A: Well this answer depends on a couple variables. If you know the host well, then it doesn't matter what time you arrive because you already know the host! If you don't know the host, that's a different story. If it is going to be a large party, then it is usually a safe bet to arrive early so you avoid having to fight through a crowd when you arrive. I, on the other hand, typically enjoy arriving fashionably late to parties. This is because I want to show up when the party is about to reach its peak for maximum fun being had once I arrive.

Q: Should I call elbows during beer pong if I'm at a random house party?

A: This is a dicey call. If you're all about the integrity of the game, then by all means call that cheater out. If you don't want to deal with the argument that your opponent will make and the potential of the host getting mad at a stranger for making calls in their house, then don't. The choice is up to you.

Q: There's this girl I want to talk to, but she's surrounded by her friends, what should I do?

A: A lot of guys will say forget about it and find a girl standing by herself. I say you dive straight into that group of girls and make yourself the center of attention! Once you have won the whole group over with your charm, slowly start isolating yourself with the girl you wanted to talk to from the start. Confidence is key in these situations, so once you walk into their circle start talking and don't look back. A group of college girls can smell your fear from a mile away, but continuing to talk despite some of their glares will earn you some serious brownie points. Eventually your endless talking will soften the girls up, and then you will be set to make your move on the lucky lady you've had a crush on for 10 whole minutes.

Hopefully these questions and answers can provide you with some quality information. These are some of the most common questions that either my friends or I have asked while at or about to go to a party. If you have any questions that you want answered, feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me an email (in the contact web page).


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