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Some Thoughts Before The First Flakes Fall.

Updated on October 3, 2009


Some thoughts before the first flakes fall.


on November 6, 2007.  ©-MFB III 


As the sun sets a scarlet bloodbath
over several countries,
thunder roars in another,
flashes of lightning
reveal natives scattering
for the shelters of grass huts.

Elsewhere, soft warm breezes
in the early morning glow of dawn
tiptoe through a window
rousing a toddler
to dance in its caress.

Cities much like ant farms,
come alive daily,
scurrying workers
bisect at every turn,
amidst sandstone
and rock canyons.

All over the world
nature is at play, 
We are just game pieces
moved by its actions.

Much like tonight’s moon
with its beckoning yellow face
calling me to go out and gaze
through a scope of glass lenses at
its empty, cratered countenance.

Leaving me staring in wonder
at the rarity of our world
teeming with life
while empty rocks spin
far from my eyes view.
battered by falling stars
coated in frozen nitrogen glazes
silent and barren
of all of the loveliness
found here on our home,
Even as  bitterly cold
as it can be.

November brings me
much Thanks given,
Although winter
Is such a dreary time,
December will gift wrap
my days in 
glistening white sheets
that will fill my heavy stockings.
January will nip
each time my frostbitten
derry is aired,
and February
will pierce my
frigid heart,
with an arrow that points
to my endless March....
towards relief at last
though fair April
May take a while
until June.


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