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Sons of Anarchy Costumes - SAMCRO Halloween Costumes and Gear - Express Shipping

Updated on February 25, 2012

Creating a Sons of Anarchy Halloween Costume

Sons of Anarchy Halloween Costumes should really draw the hardcore fans of the FX series to get off the couch and release their inner biker. The popular FX show, Sons of Anarchy, featuring the Redwood Original or SAMCRO charter of the club is the perfect Halloween costume and an excuse to finally pick up some decent Biker gear that you always wished you could rock.

You know as that theme begins:

"Ride into this world, all alone.
God takes your soul, you're on your own.
The crow flies straight, a perfect line,
on the devil's bed, until you die.
Gotta' look this life in the eye."

Your heart pumps and for the next hour you wish you were a badass biker or sexy old lady riding the roads of California. A Sons of Anarchy Biker Costume is perfect for a cool October evening and most aspects of it can be repurposed into your daily wardrobe. Its actual not that easy to get a Sons of Anarchy costume, it took me some digging to put this together, so you wont have to be concerned with running into a bunch of copycats while your partying.

Sons of Anarchy Halloween Costume
Sons of Anarchy Halloween Costume

Sons of Anarchy Costume Essentials:

Mens SAMCRO Biker Costume Essentials:

There are two recognizable looks two the members of SAMCRO , rather than just try to mimic any speciific member, you can simply be your own member of Sons Of Anarchy Motor Club - Redwood Originals by getting your own patch. On top of that you can also just pick up some branded gear just like the real members do on the show"

  • Leather Jacket with Sons of Anarchy Patch or
  • Sons Of Anarchy Hoody
  • Sons Of Anarchy Tshirts and Hats
  • Black Motorcycle Boots
  • the rest is up to your personal style, bandannas and chains are suggested.

Womens SAMCRO "Old Lady" Costume Essentials:

  • SAMCRO patch
  • Sexy Biker Gear
  • Gemma's Jacket is hot!
  • Black Womens Motorcyle Boots

Get Your Colors - Sons of Anarchy Leather Jacket

In order to make your Sons of Anarchy Costume realistic , you must buy the SAMCRO patch, its ONLY available on eBay, no one else has it, including the official shop highlighted above.

After you get your patch you have to add it to your Jacket, if you don't have one, then pick it up on eBay when you get the patch. Proper colors should look worn and used, get yourself a nice used or vintage black leather.

If you do choose to go with a new jacket, you don't want to look like Hugo Boss, your going to need to beat that sucka up, take it off, beat it, pee on it, throw it in the dirt and grind it around in some gravel (Charlie Sheen taught me that?).

If that's to much for you, then go ahead and go vintage.

...remember, the authenticity is in the details..

Best SAMCRO options are below for making your own colors.

Black Men and Womens Riding Boots

There is only one boot to ride. Harley Davidson makes it. If its not a Harley Davidosn boot its not a biker boot.

But, as a former retailer of Harley Boots, I can also point out that they are awesome, american made, detail orientated and tough.

There was no way I could guess all your sizes, so have fun, I would pick Amazon as you can get free shipping and you will be free to return it for any reason you can think of if they don't fit right and all that jazz.

Old Lady Outfit Basics

Add your own sexy baby girl T from the official store above and sexy leather jacket and your set to be on the cover of Lowrider, can you dig it?

I can.


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    • sunforged profile image

      sunforged 6 years ago from

      you are correct

    • profile image

      SOAfan 6 years ago

      The lyrics are actually, "Riding through this world, all alone..." The song is called THIS LIFE by Curtis Stiger.