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Spooky Halloween Cards, Posters and Screensavers

Updated on July 1, 2014

Halloween art: cards, posters, wallpaper, screensavers

Not all Halloween decorations and Halloween décor are necessarily expressed through costumes and props, and some great items like Halloween cards, posters and screensavers are a fun part of celebrating Halloween, and an increasing part of what we consider part of our Halloween decorations.

So below I've included a few photos of Halloween screensavers, cards and posters to give some ideas on what is available out there, and how well done they are.

No matter if you want to add a digital touch to a computer screen on Halloween through including a Halloween screensaver or wallpaper, have a Halloween poster or two on your wall, or hang up some Halloween cards you bought or received, there's something for everybody in the Halloween genre, and they are among the best in Halloween art that be found.

Spooky Halloween Screensaver

I like this witch soaring through the Halloween skies in the Halloween computer screensaver, which is great when it animates. This would be a lot of fun to have on your computer in a strategic location when you guests or family members visit you.

Scary Halloween Screensaver

Great 3-D Halloween Image

This is a really well done Halloween scene, and would look great anywhere in the home. While this is also a Halloween screensaver, there are many similar-looking photos and artwork connected to Halloween that are posters and cards. This is a nice overall image that would work anywhere.

3-D Halloween Photo

Vintage Halloween Card with Scary Witch

This is obviously a very traditional look and image of a witch flying around on Halloween, as it captures the essence of that feeling and thoughts of witches from long ago as they were imagined. This is an old, vintage Halloween card; the reason it's so traditional looking.

The bat swooping around her is another nice touch. Including the moon as a backdrop is always a nice touch, one that never grows old with time.

Scary Witch Halloween Card - Vintage

Headless Horseman Halloween Card

There isn't a Hallowene character that is much scarier and known of than the headless horseman, and this is a great image captured of the character on this Halloween card. Now I would love to receive that from someone just to collect the terrific art.

The misty woods adds nicely to the great effect.

Spooky Halloween Card - Headless Horseman

Great Halloween Photo

I thought I would finish with this Halloween photo displaying, again, a very traditional but powerful Halloween look. This is why Halloween art and photos displayed across a variety of mediums is so fun to collect and use as part of our Halloween decorations.

The red and orange go great with the black and dark shadow.

Halloween Photo

Halloween Art Fun

As seen in the photos and images above, Halloween art can be very collectible and fantastic to use to enhance our Halloween décor and experience.

There are so many fun and spooky Halloween things we can do with art that we can endlessly explore a number of mediums to make it a great experience and fun to look at.


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