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Standing Choc-Ovations.

Updated on October 14, 2009


Standing choc-ovations


Each porch was a
tiny stage, on which
to play the part
of someone else,
a scary creature,
or a pirate
one-eyed leering,
Count Dracula,
or a pretty ballerina,
as a cast of thousands
ran across the
back stages of grass,
and blacktopped entrance ways,
in candy scented masks,
giggling before emoting,
their lines in huge voices,
"Trick or Treat!"
Then an audience
of one, two, or three
would appear in
the bright light
of each mini theater
to praise the costumes
and  bask in the enthusiasm
of each eager actor
and actress while
tossing choco-vations
into outstretched hands
that quickly with the
character played
vanished into the darkness
that marked another act
of Halloween yet to come
on the next set
of the many houses
where they would entertain
and be rewarded
for their glee
with accolades so sweet
in one night productions
that left them breathlessly
scattering an encore of
dancing swirling leaves
under their hurried
sneaker wrapped feet...
"shhhhhh!!! Ready???
"Trick or Treat!!!


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