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Start the New Year off Right for 2016!

Updated on February 1, 2016

Let's Make 2016 an even GREATER One!

The new year is all about fresh starts and improvements. It is about making 2016 better than any year before. As a dancer or teacher, improving yourself in every aspect is something we strive for constantly, not just at the first of the year. For 2016, we wanted to help all you dancers and teachers out there be able to know how to truly make 2016 the greatest year so far. With this, we will give you the inside scoop to help you improve physically, mentally, and financially for 2016!

*Dancers - Improve Physically

Now, most dancers and dance teachers and coaches are in pretty great physical shape. However, we can always improve. For 2016, here are our top tips to help you improve physically. You can pick one, two, or all to work on; whatever will best fit your desires!

  1. Eat a Little Better. As a dancer, we generally don't eat too poorly, however perhaps we don't eat enough? Sadly, eating disorders are a huge problem in the dance world and in 2016, we need to put an end to this. You are all beautiful and perfect, and you also NEED to be healthy. Make sure you are maintaining a healthy weight for your body type. You will see below a BMI Image that shows you the proper weight you should be, based on your height. Stay healthy ladies!

    In addition to eating the correct amount, (and keeping it down,) it is of course important to ensure that what you are eating is good for your body as well. Be sure to eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, carbs, and proteins. A well balanced diet is crucial to staying healthy. Keep in mind that even eating too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing. Be sure to eat all food groups in even portions.

Body-Mass-Index. What is the Healthy Weight for You to Maintain as a Dancer?


*Dancers - Improve Physically

I often feel like people in general tend to underestimate the importance of sleep, when it comes to improving your body physically. However, sleep truly is one of the most important aspects to maintaining a healthy body and mind.

2. Sleep the Perfect Amount. Psychologists have proven that 6-8 hours of sleep daily is required for the best health and performance. So, for 2016, we challenge you to make sure you are sleeping within that 6-8 hour range. Even sleeping too much can be bad for you, draining your energy that could be used throughout the day.

We know that as dancers with busy schedules, getting 8 hours of sleep may not be a do-able task, so aim for just a half hour more than usual, and slowly increase. Do this until you can find the perfect sleep amount for your body.


*Dancers - Improve Physically

Of course, for dancers, it is always important to stay in shape, even as a coach or teacher. For 2016 we challenge you to follow the cliché of losing weight or getting toned and fit, to improve your health even more.

3. Stay Toned. Staying toned and in shape, really isn't difficult to do, if it is something you really set your mind to. All it takes is following tips 1 and 2, by watching what you eat, sleeping well, and also by working out. As a coach, simply do the work with your dancers, to help push yourself to be more fit.

This is what I have started to do, to help improve my body. When I teach my little dancers, I do Jumping Jacks, Lunges, and Pushups with them. For my older classes, I have started doing some power-fitness class times, wherein we work out our arms, tummies, and thighs. I try to do everything with them, while still watching and critiquing to help my dancers improve. This pushes me and them!

*Dancers - Improve Physically

4. Give your body the right nutrients. In any sport, taking care of your body is crucial to having a long, healthy, successful career. The best way to help your enrich, restore, and protect your muscles, is to give them what they need; and that is proper nutrients.

As a dancer and health and wellness mentor, I have searched and searched to find a more simple way to live a healthy life and take care of my body. I personally drink Zeal Wellness, a "vitamin" type drink every morning. It gives my body all of the vitamins, minerals, and super foods I need, to have natural energy and focus for my long, active days. It also helps my body avoid illness and helps heal my body naturally.

After working out or dancing, I ALWAYS drink a Zeal Protein drink too. This is a light, wellness protein, created to restore my muscles, so I am not as sore and achey. It also keeps them strong and provides my body with protective elements, to decrease my physical injuries.

Because I like these specific wellness and protein blends, I love sharing them with others and offer 15% off their products. IF you are interested in trying samples or ordering a monthly pack to help take care of your body, just let me know.

For more information about WHY they work, and why I personally feel a difference Click Here to Improve Your Health.


Dancers - Improve Mentally

As a dancer, your mind is just as important as your body. It is just as crucial to exercise your brain, the way you do with your body when you dance. To better improve yourself mentally, we challenge you to do the following:

  1. Learn a Dance Routine Online, just from watching it. You can purchase simple routines of all different styles from Lai Rupe's Choreography, for low prices and then teach them to yourself by watching them online. This will exercise your mind and help improve your ability to learn routines quickly and thoroughly. From here, try teaching these routines to other dancers. Teaching is one of the greatest ways to help your brain retain information.
  2. Try Lumosity! Lumosity is an amazing Brain Cognitive Online Learning "Game", that actually helps stimulate your mind immensely to avoid memory loss and prevent dementia. Being in the best health for 2016 means stimulating your body AND mind! It makes learning fun, and activates your mind, to improve your brain functionality immensely.

Dancers - Improve Financially

As a dancer, parent, teacher, studio owner, or coach; you know that the world of dance is an expensive one! It takes a lot of time and money within every aspect of dance. However, we are here to help you save more money for the 2016 New Year!

  1. Save Money on Dance Routines. Hiring a professional dance instructor and choreographer, doesn't have to cost nearly $1,000.00. Lai Rupe's Choreography prides itself of offering 1st place dancer routines and amazing discounts! If you want to save money this year with your dancers' routines, make sure you are hiring the best and saving lots of money.
  2. Earn FREE Items for Dancers! **Also, this year Lai Rupe's Choreography is offering an even more amazing special just for the New Year! With all dance routines purchased for 2016, you get FREE GIFTS for ALL Dancers on your team! Starting off the new year with FREE stuff is the best way to improve financially!


Have any dance questions, concerns, or topics to discuss? Don't hesitate to reach out to Lai Rupe's Choreography. I am here to spread the beauty of dance.

To Improve your dance-self more and more each day, please follow me and check out some of my other great articles like, "HOW TO LEARN CHOREOGRAPHY MORE QUICKLY."

Thanks for your LOVE and Support!

~Alaina (Lai) Rupe

Happy New Year from Lai Rupe's Choreography


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