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Steampunk Costume Goggles

Updated on September 5, 2014
Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

June is from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, but is currently residing in New York. She loves to cook naturally with plants from her garden.

Photo by Unknown. Please contact me if it is your photo for proper credit
Photo by Unknown. Please contact me if it is your photo for proper credit | Source

Steampunk Costume Goggle Accessories

Goggles are one of the most basic of accessories for a Steampunk costume or Steampunk fashions. It has become debatable between many of us who love wearing Steampunk fashions as to whether they are, or are not, a "must have" for the Steampunk look.

There are those who think they are overrated and an unnecessary part of the Steampunk style. Many love them, but would rather create hand soldered ornate goggles which look more like ships portals than goggles, than buy an "off the rack" pair. Finally there are those of us, like myself, who love wearing them to coordinate with the outfit we are wearing.

There are several ways that goggles can be worn to enhance the look of our Steampunk outfits. One way that looks cool, but can be damaging, is over our eyes like eyeglasses (like the girl in the photo above). I would only wear them like this for photo shoots, as the weight of the goggles can cause headaches if worn this way for hours at a time.

I would also use caution with wearing fake lenses over a long period of time, unless they are genuine RV protected optical lenses, they can be damaging to the eyesight. I have a friend that made his own awesome goggles and had prescription lenses made for them so that he can wear them all the time at cosplay events. They look totally awesome.

I love wearing hats so I wear my goggles like a hatband on the hat. If you don't like wearing hats, then wearing them perched on top of your head is fine too. For a woman who loves wearing mini top hats as a Steampunk accessory, wearing the goggles on the head with the hat perched behind can look pretty awesome, depending on the hat and the head arrangement.

Another way to wear them is around the neck, hanging down in front like a necklace. It gives the appearance of casual cool, as if they are there for the ready just incase the Time Traveler or Airship Commander needs to use them in a hurry in case of Apocalyptic events. Whether you decide to wear them or not is a personal choice, but as I already said, I love them so choose to wear them.

When the Steampunk Movement first started gaining momentum back in the 1980's, welding goggles were the accessory in favor, but there weren't a lot of choices as to the kind we could get unless we took a pair of industrial welding glasses and decorated them ourselves, which many of us DIYers did and still do.

Now that the movement has grown so large, and still does not show any signs of going away, more and more companies are manufacturing really, really cool goggles made from a variety of metals and with a wide variety of decorative Steampunk designs.

Furthermore, I love that the goggles are now being made in every color imaginable, in both glass and plastic lenses, so that we can coordinate the goggles to the colors of our Steampunk outfits. Very cool indeed!

I have selected a few goggles with decorative designs that you might like to wear with your Steampunk gear and in case you are a DIYer, I have included videos and links to websites with tutorials so that you to make your own.

Ready Made Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk Victorian Goggle Glasses


These goggles are real welding goggles which are hand made in the USA. They have been enhanced for Steampunk cosplay or fashion useage. They are industrial strength plastic goggles accented with brass wiring and metal springs with very dark lenses and an adjustable rubber strap for comfort (a leather strap could easily be added later if your outfit requires it).

Lined for comfort, they come in your choice of antiqued brass or antiqued silver metal finish. This is a really, really nice pair of goggles that will bring any Steampunk outfit to life, and because they are plastic I would think that it would be possible to embellish them even more by hot gluing more metal gears on the temple frame.

Click Here for Details:
Steampunk Victorian Goggle Glasses

Steampunk Victorian Goggles Welding Glasses


Got a Minute for a Short Survey?

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I Love the Blue Lens in this Pair of Goggles

I think this is a freaking awesome pair of goggles! First of all they have the addition of the oculo vision magnifying lenses and second for the color of the lenses. They are totally cool.

Wearing these puppies means we will always be prepared for windstorms on Saturn, while on an interplanetary journey; protection when encountering electromagnetic fields, when time traveling; protection against fallout during a zombie apocalypse; and of course protecting our eyes from the welding wand when making repairs to our airship!

Click Here for Details:
Steampunk Victorian Blue Lens Goggles

This is How I Like to Wear My Goggles

This is how I like to wear my goggles. I perch them on my hat. I usually wear a taller top hat than this equestrian riding hat, but I do wear many different hat style (I love hats) with several different styles of goggles.
This is how I like to wear my goggles. I perch them on my hat. I usually wear a taller top hat than this equestrian riding hat, but I do wear many different hat style (I love hats) with several different styles of goggles. | Source

How Do I Make DIY Steampunk Goggles?

Many people are highly creative and prefer a DIY project to make decorative Steampunk goggles. I have found several DIY videos with instructions on hand crafting a pair of goggles. The instructions are very basic, so I encourage you to use your own imagination and take the basic goggles to a higher level by embellishing with watch gears, cobs, nuts, bolts, copper wire, chain links and metal pieces to create a truly unique decorative work of art.

I have also added a few links to websites with more instruction ideas for a DIY pair of Steampunk Goggles. Find these links below the videos.

How to Make Steampunk Goggles

Easy DIY Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk Goggles Tutorial

Elaborate Handmade Steampunk Goggles

Fabulous Handmade Steampunk Goggles
Fabulous Handmade Steampunk Goggles | Source

This is a beautiful example of what someone can make at home using a little imagination. I believe in letting my imagination run wild when it comes to Steampunk costumes and these goggles are no exception. I love their awesomeness!

What Do You Think About Wearing Goggles with a Steampunk Costume?

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    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 3 years ago from New York

      I have always been camera shy hence my feet and not my face for my avatar

    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 3 years ago from The High Seas

      I think you owe us all a pic of you wearing these! lol too cool. I have several friends that will love these actually.

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 3 years ago

      Great info! In fact, those videos are very helpful to make Steampunk Goggles. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 3 years ago from New York

      Thanks Sam!

    • groovyfind profile image

      Samantha Devereux 3 years ago from Columbia Mo

      OMG those are amazing!