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Collecting Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments

Updated on October 21, 2015

Shopping Guide to Buying Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments Online

If you love collecting sterling silver Christmas ornaments then Ebay is a great place to shop for unique ornaments to add to your collection. Ebay has a huge selection of absolutely beautiful sterling silver ornaments. They carry all the most popular collectible brands such as Gorham, Wallace, Reed & Barton and Buccellati. It is the best place to find ornaments that you may need to complete your collection. Take a look on this site to see a few of the ornaments currently for sale on Ebay. The current price is also listed which is often reflective of the final selling prices range.

Shopping on Ebay from the comfort of your own home can't be beat. You simply bid on the item you want and if you win or are outbid you will be notified. Ebay makes sure their sellers give their customers great customer service so you can feel comfortable shopping on Ebay for your collectlble ornaments. Ebay is especially helpful for finding these kind of collectible items because there are so many sellers that it gives you a large number of choices.

The Best Brands Of Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments:

Gorham Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments

Gorham was the first company to introduce collecting sterling silver Christmas ornaments as a hobby when they came out with their first snowflake design in 1970. They have introduced a new snowflake design annually and if you are missing a year you probably will be able to find it on Ebay.

Gorham is known for several other ornament series including a cross and star. You will find that the older the sterling silver ornaments are, the more valuable they become.

Wallace Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments

Wallace's first series was the sleighbell introduced in 1971 and is now quite valuable. Another popular series that Wallace introduced was in 1981 of a candy cane. Every year since collectors look forward to the introduction of the newest dated candy cane ornament by Wallace.

Wallace is one of the major manufacturers of sterling silver collectible ornaments and you can check out Ebay to find ornaments that you may be looking for or ornaments that you just think will look great hanging on your tree.

Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments

Reed and Barton are known for their annual series ornament of a cross design. The annual series started in 1971 and is valued highly amongst collectors. It continually is a best seller for Reed and Barton. If you take a look at some of their cross designs they are absolutely beautiful and would be a treasured additon to a collection or even to give as a gift.

Reed and Barton also produces many other collectible sterling silver Christmas ornaments such as Baby's First Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Bells.

Buccellati Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments

Buccellati started producing Sterling Silver Christmas ornaments in 1986 and has produced a different one each year. Some of the pieces are quite hard to find and if you try Ebay, you may have better luck in finding the ornament you are looking for.

Buccellati had produced ornaments in series such as endangered species and these Italian made ornaments are highly collectible. On the right I have highlighted a few that are for sale on Ebay right now so you may want to take a look. You will have a great time looking at all the sterling silver Christmas ornaments that are for sale on Ebay.

Collecting Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments

From whimsical and contemporary to elegant and classic, sterling silver Christmas ornaments come in many different designs to add pizazz to your Christmas collectibles collection. Trimming the tree in sterling silver Christmas ornaments is a tradition that can be carried on for years.

Silversmith manufacturers introduce cheerful holiday designs every year to inspire collectors and includes stars, snowmen, and Santas. Each ornament is offered as enchanting inspirations that will light up the Christmas tree with cheerful holiday spirit for years to come. You can see designs in angels, bells, snowmen, stars, and much more to decorate your tree in stunning fashion. If you are looking for a specific ornament simply search for it in the Ebay search box and you will be provided with everything they have to offer for your browing enjoyment.

Sterling Silver Ornament
Sterling Silver Ornament

Sterling Silver Collectible Ornaments


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    • profile image

      Thomas 6 years ago

      A great time to sell older sterling ornaments is right after the Christmas holiday, as many collectors will want to fill in any missing items. If you are interested in selling the Whole lot to one individual you can do a search for sterling ornaments and contact the first 10 to 15 results that show up.

      Good Luck

    • profile image

      Robert Brown 6 years ago

      I have been collecting Sterling Christmas Ornaments for 28 years and Iam tring to find a buyer for them. They are in mint condition. Need to be cleaned. Most are still in orginal boxes. Over 80 ornaments: Reed & Barton, Towel. Collection starts at 1978 to 1994.

    • pakpub profile image

      pakpub 6 years ago from Ohio

      Keith, what a great idea for collecting sterling silver ornaments for you son. I think I would not engrave those with missing dates and it is a good idea of having a mixed variety. Actually if your son keeps on collecting he will be able to hunt for those ornaments that would complete his collection. I also would not buy monogrammed ornaments. Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      Keith 6 years ago

      Hi. I have been collecting sterling silver bells for my son who is now 13. I am buying him one a year for Christmas in the hopes that he will have a nice collection when he is older. Some of the bells are dated Christmas bells from the manufacturer such as Reed and Barton, but some are older bells or dinner bells and not engraved at all. As far as a collecting standpoint it better to leave them blank or could I have the missing dates engraved on those that are blank? Am I better off to stick to manufacturers collections that are dated or is it okay to have variety in the collection? I am not buying any that have been monogrammed because it would seem strange to give someone a gift with someone else's initials on it, but a year date seems okay to me.

      Thanks for any feedback you might have.

    • profile image

      Nelle Hoxie 7 years ago