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Stocking Stuffer Gifts For Girls

Updated on May 7, 2016
Anna Marie Bowman profile image

Anna wears many hats: writer, mother, crafter... Over the years, she has found what works and what doesn't for herself and her family.

Happy Holidays!

Everyone I have talked to seem to tell me the same thing; little girls are so hard to shop for. Really? I don't thing that they are that hard to shop for. Just think back to when you were a little girl, or when your sister was a little girl. What sort of toys did you, or she, have? What was special to you/her? Chances are, things haven't changed that much. For those needed a little guidance, I have put together a list of a few perfect stocking stuffer sized gifts for the little girls on your list. I will be adding to this list, and editing it along the way, so be sure to stop back now and then for new great ideas!!

Meet The Zelfs

Aren't they the cutest??  Still think they look like troll dolls, though
Aren't they the cutest?? Still think they look like troll dolls, though

The Zelf Dolls

I am sure that you are thinking the same thing I thought when I first heard of these. What on Earth are Zelf Dolls??? Well, the best way I can describe them is to say that they are kind of like troll dolls. You remember the troll dolls that were a huge craze in the late 80's and early 90's? The Zelf Dolls are kind of like those. They have the same shock of hair sticking up on top of their heads, and they really look kind of like a troll doll. They are kind of like a cousin to the troll dolls that we remember from years ago. They are pretty cute, and with numerous Zelf Dolls out there, they are practically perfect for collecting. It seems as if what was old, is new again, so it makes sense that a new incarnation of the troll doll would come out now. These might also be great gifts for that friend of yours who was a huge fan of troll dolls. The can be found pretty much everywhere, but I found the best deal at Toys 'R' Us, where the medium sized Zelfs are going for $5.99. They have various sizes, from mini's to larger dolls, so they have some that are perfect for a little girl's stocking.


Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls

Lalaloopsy dolls are a really big item this year, but most of them are way too big to fit into a stocking. They now make little mini-figures that are the perfect size for putting in a little girl's stocking this Christmas. Lalaloopsy is a series of dolls with cute, little button eyes, and adorable names like Crumbs Sugar Cookie, and Coral Sea Shells the Mermaid. Each has their own style and personality. They have even come out with a show to go along with the toy series, that can be seen on Nick Jr. Each character has a corresponding pet, and baby character, called Littles, to go along with it, so there is a lot of different toys to choose from. They also sell accessories, houses, and the sort. The mini Lalaloopsy dolls come with a pet and a few accessories. The mini Lalaloopsy dolls will cost you about $7.99-10, depending on where you buy them. I have found that Toys R Us and Target generally have the best prices on these. I also found a "Silly Fun House Bundle" that comes with four figures and four pets, for $6.99 at Target.

Card Games

Card Games

Card games are a great stocking stuffer for a wide age range of children. From simple games like memory matching or Go Fish for the younger kids, to games like Phase 10 or Uno for the older children. Card games are a great stocking stuffer gift for the whole family. I have so many wonderful memories of playing games like Go Fish or Old Maid when I was little, and then moving up to the games like Phase 10, as I got older. These are gifts that will get well used in almost any household. It won't just be a gift for that child, it will be a gift for the whole family. Card games are relatively inexpensive, as well. There are so many more card games out there than there were when I was a kid. So many so, that the possibilities are almost endless. Prices vary on the card games, depending on what you are looking for. The basic Uno deck is about $6.00. Melissa & Doug has a three pack of classic card games (Go Fish, Old Maid and Animal Rummy) that is $12.99 at Toys R Us. Just don't get Cards Against Humanity for the kiddos. That is an adult game for sure.

Every Parent's Favorite...

Old school Play-Doh Fun Factory
Old school Play-Doh Fun Factory


What kid doesn't love Play-Doh? Parents may dread it, for fear of it getting stuck in the carpet, and the mess that always comes about when kids play with Play-Doh, but kids love it! There is no way around it. Don't fear the Play-Doh! Just set aside a specific place that they can play with it. My kids have to sit at the kitchen table. It helps to control the mess. Play-Doh comes in an assortment of colors, and there are so many cool sets for them to play with. A four-pack of Play-Doh costs around $2.50-5. The accessories vary on price, depending on the set. They have ice cream play sets from around $12-15, the Doctor Drill 'n' Fill play set for about $15, and kitchen set for about $20. A great idea would be to get a four-pack of Play-Doh for the stocking, and a playset for under the tree.

Doll Clothes

Winx Club Fashion Doll
Winx Club Fashion Doll

Doll Fashions/Doll Clothes

I thought of just mentioning Barbie fashions, but there are so many other fashion dolls out there nowadays, that to only mention Barbie, would leave out a lot. Aside from Barbie, there are Bratz dolls, Monster High Dolls, Disney Princess Dolls, One Direction Dolls, and several others. Knowing which dolls the child on your list already has could help a lot in deciding which doll fashions to buy. Or, you could buy a doll for under the tree, and include some doll clothes in the stocking to go along with it. I have noticed that the clothes for the fashion dolls are harder to find than the dolls themselves, but they can be found if you look for them. They have them at Toys R Us for about $7-8 for an individual outfit, and more for fashion packs with several outfits. They have them at Amazon for around the same prices.

Bracelet Making Loom and Bands

Cra-Z-Loom/Rainbow Loom/ Loom Bands

These are great sellers with both girls and boys! The looms themselves, and the starter kits are too large to fit in a stocking, but you can grab several packs of the bands for just a few dollars. What are they? Well, it's a bracelet making kit. You get the loom, and use these little rubber bands to weave bracelets, keychains, and necklaces. The bands come in so many different colors, including sparkly bands and glow-in-the-dark. As I said, these are almost as popular with boys as they are with girls, so they make a great gift for all the kids on your Christmas shopping list. They also have themed packs of bands, including Hello Kitty and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These can be found everywhere because they are such a hot toy item this year! A small pack of rubber bands cost about $3-4, and larger packs cost about $5-7. A starter kit, with the loom and bands is about $10-15. These go by several different names, and the different brands do really work together.

Jewelry Making Kits

Jewelry Kits

Jewelry kits are great gifts for girls of most ages. They make a variety of small kits that are great for younger, and older girls, alike. I bought a few for my daughter for Christmas this year. She loves jewelry and crafty stuff, so this was a perfect fit for her. Some kits are as simple as a charm bracelet with a few charms that can be clipped on the the bracelet. Other kits are more complicated, and therefore, are better for an older child. These kits can even be educational for younger children, by teaching patterns, colors, and counting. Prices vary depending on the kit, but most small jewelry making kits can be bought for around $4-10. They can be found almost anywhere, from Target and Walmart, Toys R Us, craft stores and online. Be sure to check the age ranges on these.

Other Great Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

If you are still looking for a few more ideas to really get those stockings stuffed, here are some more options to choose from.

  • Yo-yo: Kids love yo-yos! I had one when I was a kid, even though I was never very good at it. I liked it, and tried to get better. A yo-yo is a simple toy that kids will love to play with.
  • PEZ: It's a toy, it's candy! What could be more perfect for kids?? Of course I have the one kid on the planet who doesn't like the candy, so I have to eat the candy, and she gets the toy.
  • Fruit: We always got fruit in our stockings as kids. It ties back into our German heritage. It was usually an apple or an orange, but any fruit will work. I don't recommend grapes, though. They might get squished under the other stuff in the stocking.
  • Socks: Another family tradition was a new pair of Christmas socks in our stocking. I am not talking about a boring pair of white socks. What fun is that? We always got cute, festive, Christmas socks, sometimes with penguins, Santa or other such things on them. I loved getting them, and to this day, ask my mom if she is sending me my Christmas socks.
  • Nail Polish: Nail polish is a small thing that is perfect as a stocking stuffer. I suggest the peel-off kiddie polish for the younger kids. Save the regular nail polish for the older kids.
  • Watch: A watch is a great stocking stuffer gift. There are so many cute character watches out there now, that the possibilities are endless. Get your 8-year old a cute Barbie watch, and your twelve-year old a Twilight watch.

© 2013 Anna Marie Bowman


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    • Anna Marie Bowman profile image

      Anna Marie Bowman 4 years ago from Florida

      The Zelfs are a little creepy, but so were there predecessor, the Troll Doll. Press on nails are fun! I gave my daughter some for her birthday, and she had a blast with it.

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile image

      Anna Marie Bowman 4 years ago from Florida

      Kids love the CrazyLoom! It is a huge hit! I got one for my daughter, and my niece.

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile image

      Anna Marie Bowman 4 years ago from Florida

      Wiccan--I loved the loom toys, too! I think we make dozens of those potholders you could make with the old ones. They still have those, too. I saw them at Joann Fabrics.

    • efeyas profile image

      efeyas 4 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

      Just bought the Zelf doll my daughter can decorate herself. It's cute but a little creepy at the same time! lol Voted up :) Another cute stocking stuffer idea is the press on nails that are already designed in wacky and crazy colors. My daughter always gets a kick out of those!

    • EGamboa profile image

      Eileen Gamboa 4 years ago from West Palm Beach

      You say the trolls are back?!? Sort of. :) Thanks for the gift research. I saw the kids playing with CrazyLoom and think I'll get one for my daughter. At least now I know what to look for. Thanks Anna!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      I used to love the loom toys. I don't know why but they'd get me so excited and keep me busy for hours. These are some great suggestions, and it's nice to see actual toys and things to do rather than video games/music/dvds/media stuff.