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Stocking Stuffers Gift Ideas For Men

Updated on May 18, 2016
Anna Marie Bowman profile image

Anna wears many hats: writer, mother, crafter. Over the years, she has found what works and what doesn't for herself and her family.

What to Get That Man in Your Life?

Men are pretty easy to shop for...or are they? That all depends on the men in your life that you have to shop for. What are his interests? Is he a sports fan, a fan of classic cars? Does he like to cook? Is he the handy type who could use a few new tools? It all depends on what the man in your life is really interested in. Are you shopping for your boyfriend or husband? Your brother or father? Use who you are shopping for as a guide to get a great stocking stuffer gift for all the men on your Christmas shopping list. I have put together a general list of some great stocking stuffer ideas that go beyond the traditional items like ties and cologne. I am sure you will be able to find something for the men in your life from this list, or at the very least be inspired to find the perfect stocking stuffer gift of your own.

Stuff His Stocking With Something Great

Magnetic Fridge Bottle Opener: It's a fact. Most men like beer. I'm not a man, but I still like beer. This bottle opener is made from stainless steel and sticks on the fridge, so there's never an issue of a lost bottle opener, or forcing people to open their beer with a lighter. (I still have yet to have my step-dad teach me that little trick.) This is the perfect gift for a beer lover in your life. It's great for a man cave, at-home bar, or game room. I know a lot of men who would love to receive this stylish little magnetic bottle opener in their stocking. I found this at for $17.95.

Always have a bottle opener handy

I Love Bacon! Cookbook: I love bacon!! So does my hubby. Another love bacon, even if they know it isn't all that great for them. Why else would there be numerous bacon-laden this and that all over the place? I even heard of deep fried bacon. This cookbook gives your man the chance to try out a variety of different bacon-laced recipes that will satisfy his every bacon craving. Where did I find this little gem?, of course. Where else would it be? They have a large selection of bacon themed items from the interesting and useful to the outright silly. The cookbook is $19.99 on the website. I am tempted to buy this cookbook, only so that my hubby will cook me some yummy bacon treats.


Recycled LP Coasters: This is a great stocking stuffer gift for music lovers, or those with an at home bar, or den. I love this idea!! These coasters are actually made from old discarded LP's. LP's are records, for those of a younger generation who have only grown up with CD's and MP3's. Each coaster is made by cutting out the center portion (with the label) of the records and are coated in mylar to protect them during regular use. They come in a variety of genres and artists, and the only drawback, is that you can't choose the artists you want on the coasters. They come in a random pack of six in a clear case. I found these coasters at several different sites, including Red Envelope and Modern Artisans. Prices range from $18-$25 a set.

Dart Coat Hangers: These things are so neat!! They caught my attention right away. These darts seem to be sticking right out of the wall, as if someone slightly missed the dartboard, and no one bothered to take them out of the wall. These would be a great stocking stuffer gift for your man's "man cave" or bar. They come in a set of three chromed-steel darts, and the mounting hardware needed to give them that stuck in the wall look. I found them at Uncommon Goods for $35. They may be a bit on the pricier side, but they really make a great statement in any man room. After your man hangs these up in his man room, maybe you can get him to hang some things up in the rest of the house, you know...some of that "honey-do" list.

These are pretty neat!!

Pick Punch

Do you have a guitar playing musician on your shopping list? I know I have at least two on my list this year. Do they constantly complain about losing their guitar picks? Of course they do! Those things disappear about as fast as socks in a dryer. Well, now, they can make their own! The pick punch allows them to make guitar picks out of things like old credit cards, rewards cards, old gift cards, or any firm plastic. I know when I get a rewards card from a store, it usually comes on a larger sheet I have to punch the cards out of. Otherwise, sheets of plastic can be purchased online. I know a few people who would love to have this!! I found it at Amazon, and at about $25, it's reasonably priced.

Duct Tape Wallet: Most men think that just about anything can be fixed with duct tape. I have even seen some men bandage cuts with duct tape. So why not fix their financial situation with this duct tape wallet. Yes, it is actually made from real duct tape, and no, it's not sticky. It won't come apart in their pants or get stuck to their clothes. It's a classic, billfold style wallet that features slots for credit and ID cards as well as a clear plastic insert for additional cards, photos, etc. The wallets can be found at Uncommon Goods. They have the classic silver duct tape wallet for $15, and colored duct tape wallets for $20. The silver wallet also features a large silver grommet to allow for attachment of a security chain. Does your man need a new wallet? Does he have a sense of humor? Get him this fun and silly wallet, and he may actually be able to hold onto his money.

Hopside Down Beer Glass: This beer glass is really neat!! At first glance, it looks like any normal beer glass, but you see the truth when you pour your favorite beer into this nifty little glass. The beer glass is double walled, and when beer is poured in, it looks like an upside down beer bottle. It gives whole new meaning to the phrase "bottom's up!" The double walled glass will also help keep your favorite 16 ounce brew nice and frosty for longer than a traditional beer glass. Are you looking for a unique and fun stocking stuffer gift for the beer lover in your life? Look no further. This thing is pretty cool. I love it! I know my dad would love one. I found these at for $21.99.

Big Head Memo Pad: If your husband is like mine, he tends to forget things, so I have to leave him notes. Unfortunately, he often stacks stuff on top of the notes I leave, and he never sees them. This is a great solution. Give him a 'big head' by including a sweet, Christmas message when he opens it. It has a dry-erase surface, so no need to worry about running out of little sticky notes. It is also a great way to remind him every day how much you love him, and it might help getting that honey-do list a little more done. They come in red or black and the marker is held in the hand of the 'big head'. Only $25 at

11-Function Credit Card-Sized Survival Tool: This handy little gadget is smaller than a credit card, but a little bit. It comes with a sleeve to store it in, so that there are no accidents. It features a can opener, knife edge, two different wrenches (2-position and 4 position), a butterfly screw wrench, a saw blade, a keychain hole, bottle opener and a directional auxiliary indication (a back-up method of telling direction, using water and a magnetized piece of metal, much like a compass.) This would be perfect for any outdoorsman on your Christmas list, and it's priced right at only $3.00 on Amazon. Pretty neat tool for only $3!! I know several people in my family who will be getting one of these for Christmas this year. I have a lot of hunters in my family, and I am sure that this will come in handy.

Zippo Pocket Hand Warmer: Another great gift for the outdoorsy man on your list is this little device from Zippo, the makers of the iconic lighters. It works similarly to a Zippo lighter, and is filled with the same lighter fluid. You light it with a lighter, and it will stay warm for up to 12 hours. It comes in different finishes. It is great for anyone who spends a lot of time outside in the cold. They come with a warming bag to carry it in. You can find them at Zippo's website, Amazon, or Things Remembered, where they will engrave a message on it for you. They are $20 at Things Remembered, with the engraving. What a nice Christmas gift or groomsman gift. I am sure these would be nice to have for my hunting friends and family. I know it can get be pretty chilly during deer hunting season, and these are a little nicer than the disposable hand warmer packs you can buy.

Mustache Tie Clip or Cuff Links: Yep, I said it...a mustache tie clip. Over the past few years, the mustache is making a comeback in popular culture, usually as funny memes or silly accessories. Celebrate your favorite mustached man with a handsome tie clip honoring his facial hair choices. I found a variety of styles available, with prices ranging from around $9 all the way to around $35. These can be found at Amazon and several other retailers. Cuff links are also available to complete the look. The prices for the cuff links are in the same range as the tie clips.

Mini Crank Flashlight: Wondering what to get the guy who is always ready in an emergency? Or the survivalist who has almost everything? Or just your dad, who loves to go camping? Check out the variety of mini crank flashlights out there. Just imagine lose power, hunt around with your cell phone light for a working flashlight, and the only one you have is dead, and no batteries, either. This flashlight solves this problem. I found one at L.L.Bean for $17.95, that can be cranked to charge, or also has a solar panel to charge it up. It will run for about two hours on a full solar charge, and comes in three different colors. Not bad! I think my daughter would love to have one of these, as well, to check for monsters under her bed.

Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

Now, chocolate isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think about gifts for men, but this chocolate is different. It's spicy! I know a lot of men who would love to try some Tabasco infused chocolate. A lot of companies are now offering a spicy chocolate alternative. Even M&M's has a spicy version of their peanut M&M's. Whether you are giving a gift to a hot sauce lover, or in a tongue-in-cheek way, showing your love how hot you are for him, this might be just the gift. It comes in a little tin, with 8 individual slices of chocolate, and costs around $5. They also have Tabasco lollipops and Tabasco Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.

Other Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I have a few more ideas for great stocking stuffer gifts for the men in your life. Some are simple and inexpensive, but for those looking to spend a bit more, there are some ideas for you, as well.

1. Tickets: These could be tickets to a football/basketball/hockey game, or they could be concert or event tickets. Just take some time and think about what your man is interested in.

2. Liquor: While, this gift may not be for everyone, it is a fun gift for the man who enjoys an evening cocktail. Think little bottles of his favorite liquor, or several bottles of various liquors that he might enjoy.

3. Grooming Tools: These could be combs, brushes, trimmers or even products like aftershave, cologne, or mustache wax. What could your husband or father use?

© 2010 Anna Marie Bowman


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