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Gift Ideas for Christmas Stockings

Updated on November 28, 2013

Goodies for Everyone on Your Gift List

Christmas stockings are a big deal in our family. On Christmas morning, we start the gift frenzy with the stockings. Everything in each one is carefully wrapped and we take turns opening every unique item. Just the right present is selected to go in each person's stocking. Really, they're almost more important than the actual Christmas presents.

There are always practical items included, as well as some fun stuff. Most things are very inexpensive but there's usually always a more pricey treat stuffed into the toe. These ideas are great for Christmas but could easily be adapted for any holiday or birthday.


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Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

~ pocket/purse flashlight

~ small stuffed animal

~ gift card (store, restaurant, iTunes, etc.)

~ gloves or mittens

~ multi-tool (pocket knife with accessories)

~ socks (fun socks are a big treat)

~ magazine (rolled up) or book

~ toothbrush

~ flash drive for computer (get a unique one)

~ school supplies (pens, pencils, eraser, notepad)

~ Christmas ornament with special meaning for recipient

~ tire gauge

~ digital photo key chain (add photos to it before giving to make it more personal)

~ chapstick or lip gloss/stick

~ movie tickets

~ current year American Eagle silver dollar

~ playing cards

It's Fun!

We have a blast choosing just the right gifts for our Christmas stockings. It just goes to show that a special present doesn't have to be wrapped in a big package or cost a lot of money. It really IS the thought that counts!

And More

~ gum, candy or mints

~ CD or DVD

~ nail polish, emery board or other nail care items

~ iPod or cell phone cover

~ cosmetics (mascara, eyeshadow, lip liner, etc.)

~ hand or foot warmers

~ scarf or tie (rolled up)

~ stress ball, rubber band ball or super ball

~ book light

~ hair accessories (brush, comb, barrettes, hair ties, bows, ribbons, sample-size gel)

~ hat or cap

~ small photo frame with a special photo inside

~ magnets for the refrigerator

~ address book

~ stickers

~ wallet or change purse

~ jewelry

~ cologne or perfume

~ batteries

~ can or bottle cozy with recipient's initials or favorite college/pro team emblem

~ watch

~ sunglasses

~ coffee, tea or hot chocolate samples

~ Lottery tickets

~ seed packets

~ hand sanitizer

~ personal pack tissues or handkerchief

~ eyeglass repair kit

~ headphones

~ homemade gift certificate (free massage, day off chores, free car wash or wax, etc.)

~ mini umbrella

~ luggage tags

~ fun postage stamps

~ roll of quarters (for laundry or tolls)


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  • Esmeowl12 profile image

    Cindy A. Johnson 6 years ago from Sevierville, TN

    Thanks, grinnin1! It has really worked to slow down the frenzy for our family. Good luck!

  • grinnin1 profile image

    grinnin1 6 years ago from st louis,mo

    I love the idea of making each little gift special.Anything to slow the gift "frenzy" down a little on Christmas morning. What a great idea and one I think I'll try this year. Thanks!