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Strange Holidays In December

Updated on April 17, 2016
Anna Marie Bowman profile image

Anna is a writer who wears many other hats and has a wealth of experience that she draws from, sometimes funny, sometimes serious.

Another Round of Strange Holidays

I have finally returned to this series. I seem to be doing these completely at random. I am sorry for this, but usually, that is how I do things. I am rather random. I will get a Hub written for every month, as there are many strange and wonderful holidays to celebrate just about every single day of the year. Besides, what good is all this, if it is not complete? So, it's that time once again, for my list of strange and wonderful holidays.

December is full of strange holidays. Christmas with my family is sometimes strange enough, but some of these strange holidays and observances just take the fruit cake, so to speak. So, December may be dominated by Christmas, Hanuka and Kwanza, but there is so much more to celebrate.

I have to tie my husband's ties for him
I have to tie my husband's ties for him

December is a Month For...

The month of December has a few month-long observances and celebrations that deserve a little more attention, mostly because they are so weird and wonderful.

  • Bingo's Birthday Month: Now, I'm not sure if we are supposed to celebrate the game, or the farmer's dog from that childhood classic. Either way, I am sure that "B-I-N-G-O" is running through your head right now! Have fun!
  • National Write a Business Plan Month: What better time to write a business plan? Get a jump start on the new year, and get to work on your own business plan. Me, well, I already have mine done...guess I am a little early. I kid...I have no business plan...I don't even have my New Year's resolutions done.
  • National Tie Month: Take some time out this month to learn how to tie your own tie (you know, instead of having your wife do it for you). Learn about different ways to tie a tie, buy some new ties, wear a tie to work (even if you don't wear a suit). Put ties everywhere!!
  • Rising Star Month: I guess this is better than Falling Star Month. Celebrate a rising star in your life. Do you know someone who deserves a little more recognition for all their hard work? Show them some appreciation by giving them a rising star award!
  • Spiritual Literacy Month: Either this is a month to learn to read spirits or auras, or it's a month to read about spirituality. Personally, I am spiritually illiterate. Guess I have some work to do...

These cookie cutters are just fun
These cookie cutters are just fun
I see these everywhere, but does anyone really pay attention to them?
I see these everywhere, but does anyone really pay attention to them?

What Are We Doing This Week?

Avoiding the important or boring weekly observances, we focus on the remainder. The wild, the wacky and the strange, just like me.

  • 1-7: Cookie Cutter Week: Not everyone fits into the cookie cutter mold that society has laid out for us. However, cookie cutters are fun!!! Garage sales and dollar stores are great places to find strange and fun cookie cutter shapes. Make some fun sugar cookies, and go to town with those cookie cutters this week! And, just in time to get a jump start on your Christmas cookies!
  • 1-8: Recipe Greetings for the Holidays Week: What better way to celebrate the holidays than by sending a recipe for your favorite holiday dish along with your gift or greeting card? Sharing beloved recipes is a great way to show someone you care.
  • 6-12: National Hand Washing Awareness Week: Working in the healthcare industry, I know how incredibly important this is, but do we really need a whole week to make people aware that proper hand washing is important? Shouldn't they already know? If you don't wash your hands, you are just gross!! Sorry, but it's true!
  • 19-25: Gluten-Free Baking Week: Now doesn't that sound absolutely delicious?? No? Hmmm...what are glutens?? Is that what makes food taste good??? I have no idea...I kid. Glutens are what help bread bind together. It is in a lot of things we eat every day, so baking without gluten may be difficult. A gluten free lifestyle has become more and more popular.
  • 25-31: It's About Time Week: It's about time for what?? Or is it about "time"; clocks and that sort of thing? Well, either way, it's about time!!

Ben Franklin, the inventor of bifocals!
Ben Franklin, the inventor of bifocals!
Remember, only the red ones...
Remember, only the red ones...
That's a lot of dice
That's a lot of dice
Love these shoes
Love these shoes
the debate continues
the debate continues
Flying used to be so nice...
Flying used to be so nice...
Enough cotton candy to put anyone into a sugar coma
Enough cotton candy to put anyone into a sugar coma
Letter writing is a lost art
Letter writing is a lost art
Sometimes you gotta deface a stop sign to get your point across
Sometimes you gotta deface a stop sign to get your point across
Now, doesn't that look yummy?? No, I didn't think so either. Weird noodle ring...
Now, doesn't that look yummy?? No, I didn't think so either. Weird noodle ring...
Lovely, decorative Christmas poison...
Lovely, decorative Christmas poison...
This might be a bit elaborate for a one day project.
This might be a bit elaborate for a one day project.
Looks much better than the noodle ring, doesn't it?
Looks much better than the noodle ring, doesn't it?
Please, re-gift responsibly
Please, re-gift responsibly
I do hate this thing
I do hate this thing
Gotta love this guy!
Gotta love this guy!
Never heard of these...
Never heard of these...
Best type of plunger to use as head gear!
Best type of plunger to use as head gear!
Yummy oatmeal muffins
Yummy oatmeal muffins
North and South Carolina
North and South Carolina
I swear, I should be better at these
I swear, I should be better at these
peppermint humbugs!
peppermint humbugs!

Festivus for the Rest of Us!!!

Tik-Tok from Return to Oz
Tik-Tok from Return to Oz
Such a lovely mess to clean up
Such a lovely mess to clean up
My fiance's idea of relaxing.  Photo by AMB
My fiance's idea of relaxing. Photo by AMB

A Daily Dose of Strange

There is more to December than just Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. There are so many delightfully strange, and wonderful holidays to celebrate. Almost every day is a new celebration, and a new adventure. Go out and have fun!

  • 1st: Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day: Today is the day to liberate your bifocals from your monitors. In other words, get your darn eyes off of your computer for at least one day!! Do your eyes a favor and give them a break!!
  • 1st: Day With(out) Art: So, which is it? Is it a day with art or without? Or does it even matter? I personally love art, or are they talking about a person? Perhaps Art Garfunkel???
  • 1st: Eat a Red Apple Day: Because any other color is just not good least not today, it isn't. What's so special about the red ones, anyway? I love Granny Smiths for baking pies, but not to eat, but a nice Honeycrisp is my favorite. I guess they are reddish.
  • 2nd: Science Fiction Day: All you Star Wars and Star Trek fans out is yet another day for you! Hardly seems like you deserve it...sitting alone in your basements, pouring over hour after hour of film, comic books, etc. looking for errors and inconsistencies to bring up at your next meeting or convention.
  • 3rd: Make a Gift Day: Just in time for the holiday season, let's all make someone a gift. It can be anything really, after all, it's the thought that counts, right? Macaroni art for everyone!!!
  • 3rd: Roof Over Your Head Day: How often do we take our homes for granted? Celebrate the fact that you have a house! Today is a day to pay tribute to that wonderful building you call home, especially that roof that keeps you, and all your stuff, dry.
  • 4th: National Cookie Day: Who wouldn't love this day? Who doesn't like cookies? Bake up some yummy cookies today, and don't forget to send me some! Too bad that by this time, all my Girl Scout cookies are long gone...
  • 4th: National Dice Day: A day Las Vegas, and the makers of Yatzee, must love! I am sure we all have a stray pair of dice floating around in a junk drawer, or game cabinet, somewhere. Maybe break out those tacky fuzzy dice, and hang them from your rear view mirror today.
  • 4th: Santa's List Day: This must be the day he works on that famous list of his. I guess if you haven't been good up to this point, there's no use trying to score last minute points with the old guy. Santa needs the time between today and Christmas to get all the gifts ready for the kids who deserve them.
  • 4th: Wear Brown Shoes Day: I don't care if they don't go with your charcoal gray suit, you are going to wear brown shoes, and you are going to like it! And, yes, I am your mother...I don't even think I own brown shoes. I guess that is a good reason to go shoe shopping!
  • 5th: Bathtub Party (or Fun) Day: Didn't we have one of these already? I swear it sounds familiar...hmm...oh, well! Still sounds like a good time!
  • 5th: International Ninja Day: I know, there is a lot of debate over who is better, a ninja or a pirate. Let that go for today, and honor the great ninja. Dress like a ninja and scare the pants off your kids! Sneak up on your co-workers or even your boss.
  • 5th: Blue Jeans Day: Wear your favorite pair of blue jeans today. Make something from that old, torn pair of jeans you still have laying around. I have seen some cute purses made out of recycled jeans.
  • 5th: Walt Disney's Birthday: Happy Birthday to the creator of Mickey Mouse, and so many other wonderful, and profitable, characters!! Thanks for all making me spend all that money on my kids...I appreciate it.
  • 5th: National Commute With Your Baby Day: Is that like take your child to work day? If not, what do you do with the baby once you have commuted to work? It is illegal to leave them in the car.
  • 6th: Miner's Day: I have a friend who's last name is Miner. Can I honor her today? Does that count? I don't know any other miners...I guess it will have to do. If you know a miner, honor them today, and maybe they will reward you.
  • 6th: National Pawnbrokers Day: Ah, those wonderful, fair and honest pawnbrokers! They deserve their own day. Curl up on the couch and tune in to some episodes of the show "Pawn Stars."
  • 6th: Put On Your Own Shoes Day: As opposed to what? Wearing someone else's shoes? Having someone else put your shoes on for you? I usually put on my own shoes every day. Unless I have had a few too many, and need a little help.
  • 7th: International Civil Aviation Day: Yes, let's honor the wonderful airline industry, with all their thoughtful programs, such as charging you to check bags, charging you outrageous prices for tickets, food, etc., for the ample seating space, the oh-so-pleasant flight attendants (though, I don't blame them half the time), and the wonderful, always on time service!
  • 7th: National Cotton Candy Day: Personally, I think cotton candy would be better honored with a day in say...June or July, but whatever. I love cotton candy, no matter what time of year, and despite the fact that I am a grown adult.
  • 7th: Letter-Writing Day: Well, kids, here's the day you need to get those letters off to Santa. He already has his list done, so buttering him up will do you no good. Best get your letters out on time, or else he won't know what to get you, and you might end up with socks! And, no one wants that!
  • 8th: Brownie Day: Along with cookie day, this is one of my favorites! I love brownies!! Yummm!!! Make up a batch of delicious brownies today, and share them with friends!
  • 9th: International Anti-corruption Day: How many world leaders need to pay attention to this day? Wow! The number has got to be staggering! I suggest starting with President Obama and a majority of Congress.
  • 9th: Weary Willie Day: Is your Willie weary? Give him the day off today. Even Willie needs a day to rest! I don't even know what to think about this...
  • 9th: Christmas Card Day: Seriously, if you haven't at the very least bought your Christmas cards by this point...shame on you!!! You know you will never get them out on time, and they will just sit in a box of wrapping paper and festive bows until next year, and the year after...I am really bad about this...I should know.
  • 10th: Dewey Decimal System Day: What are the odds of Dewey Decimal System day being the 10th day? Seems obvious enough. Does anyone actually use the Dewey Decimal System anymore? Even at libraries???
  • 11th: International Mountain Day: I said Mountain DAY, not mountain DEW. Go climb a mountain today, or take up rock climbing, or watch that movie about the soccer players that got trapped in the mountains, or, I guess, drink some mountain dew...
  • 11th: International Shareware Day: Try out some new software programs today! I guess it could be fun...just depends on your definition of fun...
  • 11th: National Noodle Ring Day: The only thing that comes to mind is spaghetti-o's!! Seriously? Noodle rings?? I don't get it. I looked it up, and a noodle ring is some sort of noodle casserole that is cooked in a ring shape. Sounds awesome!!!
  • 12th: Poinsettia Day: Those lovely red flowers that pop up every holiday season. They just scream out, CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! Just remember to keep them away from children and pets. Who thought it was a good idea to bring a poisonous plant into your home, around your family, at the holidays? Seems kind of sick and twisted.
  • 12th: Ding A Ling Day: We all have at least one in our family, it was probably the same person who bought you that poinsettia. I can think of a few in my family, but then, my family is special.
  • 12th: Gingerbread House Day: Get cracking on that gingerbread house you promised you would make with your kids. It's not like anyone is going to eat it once it's been sitting out on the table for weeks, anyway. Just in case, though, don't use real glue.
  • 13th: Cocoa Day: What is better on a December day than cocoa? Well, if you live in Florida, something cold! Kidding, cocoa is good any time. It's even better when a little bit of liquor is splashed in.
  • 13th: Pick a Pathologist Pal Day: Make friends with a pathologist today. Don't know any? Check hospitals, police stations, the local college, or maybe the morgue. I am sure there are some out there. And, hey, pathologists need friends too!
  • 14th: Monkey Day: Visit your local zoo and hang out with the monkeys, or dress up like a monkey. Maybe you can make a sock monkey!! They are soo cute!
  • 14th: DNA Day: Ever wonder if you were really adopted? Here's the day to find out! Surprise your family with the truth, just in time for the holidays!!! What a thoughtful gift!
  • 15th: Bill of Rights Day: One of the most important documents in U.S. history deserves more than just one day! We should honor the Bill of Rights every day!
  • 15th: Cat Herders Day: We go from a very deserving subject to a very strange subject. Who herds cats?? I guess if you are a crazy cat lady with hundreds of cats, you might need someone to herd them around. What do you use to herd cats?
  • 16th: Barbie and Barney Backlash Day: This day really made me laugh! While I loved Barbie growing up, I could not stand Barney!!! Still hate that show to this day. Though some would disagree with me on Barbie.
  • 16th: National Chocolate-covered Anything Day: Finally, a holiday I can sink my teeth into! Though, some things just should not be covered in pizza. Though, they do have chocolate-covered bacon, so is pizza really that far off??
  • 16th: National Re-Gifting Day: Remember all those gifts you got last year? You know, the ones that are still sitting in the back of your closet somewhere? Time to drag them out, wrap them up, and give them to some other unsuspecting sucker! Let them figure out what to do with them, just don't give it back to the person who gave it to you. I suggest labeling gifts with a sticky note with the name of who gave it to you, and when.
  • 16th: Stupid Toy Day: Makes sense that this day goes along with re-gifting day. All those stupid toys we got as the Rubix Cube! I hated that thing!!! I recently saw a game about a pooping dog. I think that fits this category.
  • 17th: Wright Brothers Day: Yep, those innovators of flight have their own day! Celebrate by taking a trip, making a model plane or some paper airplanes.
  • 17th: Underdog Day: Celebrate any way you want! Watch some classic Underdog cartoons, root for the Detroit Lions, whatever!
  • 18th: International Migrants Day: A truly deserving bunch. Migrants travel around, without a real home to speak of, doing work here and there. I sometimes feel like a migrant. I never stay in any one place for too long.
  • 18th: Bake Cookies Day: So, we have bake cookies day after cookie day? Why not?? Get your cookies baked in time for the holiday season! Give some as gifts! And, again, don't forget to send me some!
  • 18th: Flake Appreciation Day: I am assuming they are referring to snow, and not dandruff. I love snow flakes, but I hate snow. That's why I live in Florida. I prefer my snowflakes to be made of paper. Or maybe they are referring to a person. I know a few flakes.
  • 18th: Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day: If you are going to celebrate this day, first of all, more power to ya!! Second, make sure it's a brand new, clean plunger, not the dirty, used one sitting next to your toilet. That's just gross!
  • 19th: Day for South-South Cooperation: So, this day is for cooperation between the South and the...South...should be easy would assume, anyway. I could be wrong.
  • 19th: Oatmeal Muffin Day: Certainly not a day for everyone. I love oatmeal muffins, though!!! Oatmeal is so good for you, too! Bake up some delicious oatmeal muffins and share them with your friends or co-workers.
  • 20th: International Human Solidarity Day: While, it sounds nice, in theory...not very likely to happen. Basic rule of human behavior, if you lock two people in a room together for long enough, they are going to find something to disagree about.
  • 20th: Mudd Day: Nope, not mud day, Mudd Day...Maybe it's for the band, Puddle of Mudd. Who knows? Maybe the jean company? Or maybe someone just doesn't know how to spell...
  • 20th: Go Carolina Day: What about the other states? Does each state have their own day, and why do North Carolina and South Carolina have to share? Or, maybe, they want us to go TO Carolina. I have never been.
  • 21st: Ann & Samantha Day: I don't know who Ann and Samantha are, or why they are deserving of their own day, but whatever. Is your name Ann? Or perhaps Samantha? Do you know someone with either of those names?
  • 21st: Crossword Puzzle Day: Crossword puzzles can be fun, for those with a mind to do them. Just try not to do them in pen. For some reason, I am terrible at crossword puzzles.
  • 21st: Humbug Day: A day for the Scrooge in all of us! Bah Humbug!!!! My husband would love this day. He doesn't like Christmas, for some reason that I can't figure out.
  • 21st: National Haiku Poetry Day: Remember those crazy, little structured poems from creative writing class? Try to come up with a few unique ones for the holidays!
  • 23rd: Festivus: YES!! It is that day!! What started as a silly part of the show Seinfeld, is now a real holiday! Festivus for the rest of us!!!!! A favorite holiday of mine!!!! Now for the Feats of Strength!
  • 24th: Last-Minute Shopper's Day: Also known as husband shopping day! The day to get out to the stores and get all your last minute shopping, and if you are a man, ALL of your shopping, done! Best of luck!
  • 25th: A'phabet Day or No "L" Day: So named for obvious reasons. Write cards to people but remove all the L's. Try to use words that don't contain the letter 'L'. It sounds rather difficult. See, just used one.
  • 26th: National Candy Cane Day: What to do with all those left over candy canes? Keep them to decorate the tree next year, and risk them being eaten by an unsuspecting child? Toss them out? Give them away? I use them to flavor my cocoa and coffee. I saw a craft on Pinterest where someone made heart-shaped lollipops out of little candy canes.
  • 26th: National Thank You Note Day: It makes sense that this day would follow right after Christmas. Get started on that thank you note to Grandma for the 'lovely' sweater she knitted for you!
  • 26th: National Whiner's Day: Coincidentally, this is also the biggest day for department store returns. Hmmm...I wonder why? Maybe it's just a strange coincidence.
  • 28th: National Chocolate Day: I am sure there is another one of these floating around on the calendar as well, but I am not going to make a big issue out of it. Who can argue with chocolate?
  • 28th: Card Playing Day: In my family, that was Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and Easter...after dinner, a few of the grown-ups would park themselves around the table and play poker. Who knew they were supposed to wait until the 28th?
  • 28th: Call a Friend Day: Give your friends a call, see how their holidays went, make plans for New Year's, or just say hi! Life is too short to wait for one day, but the reminder is always nice.
  • 29th: Tick Tock Day: Sing that classic nursery rhyme, or buy a clock, or just watch Peter Pan and look out for the crazy croc of the same name.
  • 30th: Falling Needles Family Fest Day: Not sure why anyone would want to celebrate the death and slow decay of a Christmas tree, but to each his own! It's about time to take down that tree, anyway, isn't it?
  • 30th: Relaxation Day: Christmas is over...presents are unwrapped, and the garbage has been cleared from the house. Finally a day to rest...after all, tomorrow is New Year's Eve!
  • 31st: Make Up Your Mind Day: Make up your mind for what? I guess anything. Make up your mind about your New Year's plans, New Year's resolutions, whatever you want.
  • 31st: No Interruptions Day: If you have kids, this day is pretty much near an impossibility, unless you find someone else to watch them for the day. Then, it becomes their problem. I suggest a day at the grandparent's house. That way, you are free to make plans for the evening.
  • 31st: National Champagne Day: No surprises here! The biggest day for consumption of champagne. Go buy a bottle to celebrate the new year!!! Bring enough to share, though!

© 2010 Anna Marie Bowman


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