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Super Bowl Sunday Super Trailer Mega Breakdown

Updated on February 5, 2018
a little Brady meme for ya
a little Brady meme for ya

Now that the dust has settled and a champion has been crowned we have some important business to attend to. Super Bowl Sunday brought us a butt ton of movie trailers, some of movies we have known about for like a decade and some that we have not really gotten a look at until last night. I would like to go over these trailers and break them down a bit, so if you are an Eagles fan, put that part of the light post that you found laying in the street down and go home to your family.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

As one of the Northeast's foremost Jurassic World apologists, I believe it is my duty to take this first one very seriously. Jurassic World is nowhere near as good as the original masterpiece, but it is not a bad blockbuster. Sure it uses basically the exact same story as the original just a little worse and yes... Chris Pratt being able to talk to raptors with names is kinda dumb and I can't argue that a raptor T-Rex hybrid is some lazy ass writing but's more Jurassic Park.

Now this trailer on the other hand looks like hot garbage. If Jurassic World emulated Jurassic Park then it looks like this one will rip off the sequel, The Lost World, a truly terrible movie. It seems to hit a lot of the same beats, they have to return to the island, they somehow end up bringing some Dinos back, all hell breaks loose. I will clearly be there opening night to see this but my excitement wains with each passing trailer.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Another series that I am a massive fan of, Mission Impossible has had one of the great Renaissances of any blockbuster series to date. After slipping at the end of it's first trilogy, Ethan Hunt and the gang smashed back into the action with the last 2 outings arguably besting everything but the original. Like it's protagonist this series refuses to die and Fallout seems to have found new ways to make us all cringe from fear of heights.

There has been some promotional materiel hinting that Fallout would be Bondesque but this trailer puts that suspicion to rest, it for sure is ripping off 007. This may be a good move for what amounts to the American 007 as the last Bond outing was less than stellar and as previously stated the opposite is true for M:I. This may finally be the time for Ethan Hunt to become the worlds most impressive cinematic secret agent.


Finally, a totally original movie that is not a sequel or a prequel and has nothing in common with any other movie ever made. Skyscraper looks like a combination of the John McTiernan action classic Die Hard and the Ben Wheatley mind-bender High Rise. Now this movie also looks like a terrible waste of 2 hours but I have to admit there are some things going for it.

1. Dwayne Johnson

Clearly there is not more bankable star right now than The Rock. He is in 1 out of every 3 movies made (Don't look it up) and from what I have heard was a fantastic chef before entering acting.

2. Dwayne Johnson...With a disability.

I just cant believe that someone has not thought of it before. Taking the most in shape being on planet earth, the model of male fitness with a body mass that would have Mac and Dennis talking for months, and giving him this missing leg is genius. We can already see from the end of the trailer that it will become a gutless plot point, but it is nice to see Hollywood trying to tell some different stories.

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place was the most shocking trailer aired during the Big Game. Not only is it not a big ole blockbuster like the rest of these trailers, but it is one we have heard quite a bit about before. To me the biggest selling point is it's director, former regional paper salesman turned movie star John Krasinski. With his wife Emily Blunt taking co-lead and dipping into a genre that I never would have conceived him going into, i am more interested than intrigued to see A Quiet Place.

The Cloverfield Paradox

This trailer has much more buzz surrounding it's role in the Cloverfield franchise and it's unconventional release than the actual trailer. It is rumored that Paradox is a disaster, which may have lead to it's passing from studio to studio and now its eventual quick release.

While I much more enjoyed the second installment in the series to the first, it always felt like the cloverfield tag was stuck on the end of a movie that lacked a strong conclusion. This one seems to do a bit of the same by throwing a well known name onto a movie to generate some more buzz, but forgets to make a good movie around it.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo was a movie that until this trailer we had no idea if it really existed or not. First the directors Phil Lord and Tim Miller were fired and replaced with Ron Howard. Then we all waited patiently to see some footage, any footage. Now as promised we got not one, but two trailers for the newest movie in the Star Wars saga, the shorter one I have linked above.

On the bright side it looks as though neither trailer really gives too much of the movie away, but for a movie with this much anticipation and secrecy behind it, this amount of footage can be seen as troubling. With how good Rogue One was and the level of talent that Ron Howard brings to the table I am expecting Solo to impress, but the lack of footage we have seen of the movie and the amount of time between now and its Memorial Day release date have me a bit scared.

Avengers: Infinity War

Saving the biggest for last, Avengers: Infinity War may be the shortest trailer on this list but for sure has the biggest impact. There is really not much to talk about here other than the fact that it looks like Infinity War aims to be the biggest comic book movie by a long shot. It felt like every frame had 2-3 massive stars in it and there was not a second that passed that did not make us all want to rewind and look for clues.

The last Avengers movie was a dud, but with the Russo brothers taking the helm this one may have more in common cinematically with the last two Captain America movies than with Age of Ultron. Either way this is easily the movie I am most excited for out of this batch of trailers.


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