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10 Superstitions Associated With Easter

Updated on April 8, 2012
Rabbit | Source

When most think of Easter, the symbols that often pop up are egg hunts, chocolate, and the Easter Bunny. Many also know that the holiday is associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, some may not know of the number of superstitions that correlate with Easter as well.

Here are several of them:

  • Clothes that are washed on Good Friday will never come clean. This is associated with another legend that Christ cursed all washing on that day after he was hit in the face by a wet garment as he was being led to his crucifixion.
  • Wishes that are made during prayer at exactly 3 PM on Good Friday (the day and hour that Christ died) will be granted.
  • Holy water from an Easter service can cure a variety of diseases and afflictions.
  • Those who are born on Easter will be blessed with good luck throughout their lives. However, people born on Good Friday will experience a lifetime of misfortune.
  • People who do not wear new clothes on Easter will risk having all the clothing that they currently own become soiled by birds or other animals. Some also say that the unfortunate will have his or her eyes pecked out by crows.
  • Good Friday is the perfect day to take bees from their hives, as they will not sting.
  • Boys who wear long pants for the first time on Good Friday will have happy marriages later in their lives.
  • Eggs laid on Good Friday will not spoil, and bread baked on that day will not mold.
  • Work shouldn't be done on Good Friday; otherwise, it will have to be done over and over again at a later time.
  • Children should avoid climbing trees on Easter.


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    • jennzie profile image

      Jenn 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Very interesting facts- weird how all those events took place on dates relating to Easter.

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Civil War Bob profile image

      Civil War Bob 5 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

      Interesting hub, Jennzie. Here's a few Civil War facts to add to your list, perhaps...the War started on Good Friday, April 12, 1861, Ft. Sumter officially surrendered on that Easter Sunday, Gen. Lee surrendered on Palm Sunday, April 9, 1965 and Lincoln was shot on Good Friday, April 14, 1865. Enjoy your day!