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Tea Party Halloween Costume - Mad Hatter or Mad Revolutionaries - Express Shipping

Updated on March 26, 2011

Tea Party Costumes - The Mad Revolutionaries

There are two great Tea Parties worthy of Halloween costume emulation this decade. For the entertainment minded, the recreations of Lewis Carrol's "Alice In WonderLand" with a heavy focus on the Mad Hatter and the Mad Hatter Tea Party may inspire a desire to, dress as:

  • Mad Hatter Halloween Costume
  • March Hare Halloween Costume
  • Dormouse Halloween Costume
  • Alice Tea Party Costume

The Political or Social minded may want to show thier affiliations or reference the populist movement of the "Tea Party", fun costumes that would best illustrate the Boston Tea Party , would be Pre-Revolutionary American Garb or poorly recreated Mohawk "Indian" costumes. Most common thought on the Boston tea Party is myth and legend, but when dressing the part its best to aim for recognizably to the commonly accepted mythos. Suggested political 'Tea Party " costumes.

  • Mohawk Indian Costumes
  • Tea Party Costumes
  • Revolutionary Costumes

Tea Party Halloween Costumes


The Boston Tea Party and Tea Party Costume Ideas

The Boston Tea Party, like The Civil War and Paul Reveres Midnight Ride are all great stories, the common misconceptions and fables surrounding the events continue to be fostered and repeated but nonetheless have no grounding in historical fact.

I know you came for a costume, so we wont dig to deep into History lessons, but to be clear - The Boston Tea Party was not some righteous Political revolt in response to "taxation without representation" - it was direct commercially inspired attack at the East India Company which was granted a monopoly in tax free Tea importation. It was more akin to a bunch of small business owners burning down the local Walmart then some righteous political expression.

Call to Action - reprinted S. S. Bliss, 1834 "that incident in Boston harbor"

"Friends, Brethren, Countrymen! That worst of plagues, the detested TEA, has arrived in this harbour. The hour of destruction, a manly opposition to the machinations of tyranny, stares you in the face. Every friend to his country, to himself, and to posterity, is now called upon to meet in Faneuil hall, at nine o-clock, this day, at which time the bells will ring, to make a united and successful resistance to this last, worse, and most destructive measure of administration."

Another misconception is that the colonists dressed as Indians, Mohawk Indians to be exact, with full headdress and such, first hand accounts of the time admit that the "protesters" did disguise themselves, as the act was tantamount to treason - but the extent of their "Indian" costumes involved darkened faces,hatchets(tomahawks) and blanket wraps .. but "War Whoops" are recorded!

Tea Party Costumes
Tea Party Costumes
Tea Party Mad Hatter Costume
Tea Party Mad Hatter Costume

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Costumes

"You might just as well say,' added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, `that "I breathe when I sleep" is the same thing as "I sleep when I breathe"!'

`It IS the same thing with you,' said the Hatter, and here the conversation dropped, and the party sat silent for a minute, while Alice thought over all she could remember about ravens and writing-desks, which wasn't much.

The Hatter was the first to break the silence. `What day of the month is it?' he said, turning to Alice: he had taken his watch out of his pocket, and was looking at it uneasily, shaking it every now and then, and holding it to his ear.

Alice considered a little, and then said `The fourth.'

`Two days wrong!' sighed the Hatter. `I told you butter wouldn't suit the works!' he added looking angrily at the March Hare.

`It was the BEST butter,' the March Hare meekly replied."

-Carrol, An Unbirthday party

Wonderland Tea Party Costumes

The Tea Party, Un-Birthday party featured in the recent Burton remake of Alice and Wonderland and ingrained in our hearts from the Disney animated classic should inspire many costumes this year. Between the two very takes and styles in how the mad party was showcased - one should be able to find an original and unique rendition of these costumes.

I had no luck with Dormouse Halloween Costumes, but dark and cheery versions of the rest of the characters exist. I think the Mad hatter will be overdone.

The March Hare seems like a great costume concept this year as the treatment in the Burton movies was breathtaking and imaginative.

The March Hare Tea Party Costume


Alice Tea Party Costume


Rude Tea Party Costume Video

Tea party costume photos

Mad Hatter Costume Photo - FocusedEye


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Lovely selection. Thank you.

    • Madama profile image


      8 years ago from Harrisburg PA

      very good hub.


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