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Teen Christmas Party and Dance Ideas

Updated on April 26, 2016

Party Planning Tips for Teenage Parties and Formals

Teens just wanna (and can!) have fun with these awesome ideas for winter holiday and Christmas parties or winter formal dances for teens!

Looking for school event theme ideas? Or maybe the best dancing music? Need cool, fun and/or elegant party supplies?

Great tips for holiday tunes, celebration décor, delicious snacks, cool party favors, and more, just for teenagers!

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Teen Christmas Party Ideas & Dance Themes

Teen Christmas party decorating ideas, themes, activities, music & party ideas for fun, cool, & safe home, Jr. high, high school, or homeschool holiday dances o

Second only to the Prom, a teen Christmas dance or holiday party is the highlight of the year. Following are tips and ideas for a super fun and successful event.

Start with a Holiday or Winter Theme for the Dance or Party

Party Theme Possibilities include:

* A theme centered around a song: Holiday ideas include "White Christmas," "Winter Wonderland," "Let it Snow," "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas," or "Silver Bells." Brainstorm other ideas based around the song name.

* Holiday colors: red and green, silver and white, blue and white, white and gold, etc.

* A black and white holiday party is fun. If everyone wears black and white, then red decorations in the room will "pop."

* A silly party theme could be based on everyone wearing holiday costumes, hats, and accessories.

* For a smaller affair, consider a Christmas Afternoon Tea Party.

Decorating Tips and Ideas for a Christmas or Holiday Event

* Start brainstorming with the theme. If "Winter Wonderland" is the chosen theme, for instance, then the ballroom or dance hall might be filled with flocked white Christmas trees, lots and lots of silver and white balloons on the floor and hanging, and winter-white twinkling lights.

* Make a choice between formal or fun decorations. Sticking to one or the other will pull the room together.

* Appropriate lighting is important. Rent what is needed if it cannot be bought or borrowed. Mini Christmas lights are perfect, but may not be bright enough to light the room.

Activities for Teen Christmas Dances and Parties

* Try not to overbook the event with activities. Often, socializing and dancing are plenty for teens and time goes fast.

* Sometimes, if a DJ has been hired to be in charge of the music, the DJ will come up with activities related to the songs being played. These might include the limbo, The Casper Slide, the Macarena, and more. Ask the disc jockey in advance.

* The teens involved in planning will have great ideas.

* Have a professional photographer on hand, or at least set up an arch or Christmas tree spot dedicated for teens to take their own pictures.

* Balloons on the floor are a natural for entertainment for teenagers. They get kicked, bopped, and carried around.

* Have plenty of seating and at least a few tables set up for teen resting and conversation.

* A pretty finger-foods and punch table is essential for hungry and thirsty teenagers. Ice water is a good idea, as well.

Music and Song Selection is Important to the Feel of the Teenage Dance or Party

* Pro DJs will be up on the latest songs. Make sure to request what is appropriate for your group. Some dances work with rap, some with oldies, some with holiday music, and some with soft rock. Talk to the DJ about which mix will work for the particular event.

* In lieu of a professional, a student DJ may be found among the teens or at a local college. Post ads in the student paper or on the Music Department bulletin boards.

* A group of teens may enjoy getting together ahead of time and set up music on an MP3 player or an iPod. Hook this up to a sound system and the music is on auto-pilot for the evening.

* For some events, a live band may be appropriate.

Remember Safety at a Teen Dance

* Be sure to have plenty of chaperones on hand.

* Remember to have permission slips and/or a list with parent phone calls in case of emergency.

* Provide a safe place for purses, coats and valuables.

Above all, a Christmas dance or party is a time to celebrate and have fun. With a little planning and a few special touches, a teen winter event will be magical and memorable.

© Janienne Jennrich, 2007- 2015

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    • Aaron Seitler profile image

      Aaron Seitler 19 months ago from Manchester, United Kingdom

      Great ideas! I've got my 18th this summer (so I'll probably give the Christmas theme a miss :) but I'll be implementing your thoughts on the finger food tables and I may even put an ad in the local paper for a Pro DJ!