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Thanksgiving Dinner Is a Perfect Time to Start New Family Traditions

Updated on November 16, 2018
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Start A New Tradition This Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is that time of year when family, friends or even that lost soul or two start getting together for the holidays. It's that time of year when visiting family and friends you haven't seen all year long. A time when friends come together for that big old thing called turkey dinner. Depending on whom is where, or who has to work or doesn't have to work, getting together can be a major chore in itself.

But once you decide on where, including who is going to host Thanksgiving dinner, then the celebration begins. Thanksgiving can be about reflection over the past year, and discovering the things we are thankful for. Sitting down at a table full of food with friends, and family, even new additions to the family, it can be a positive way to relate with people that aren't necessarily in your life everyday.

Sitting there at the table reflecting, you get to know people a little bit better, those you don't know well, and one's you imagined you did. You begin to develop traditions. The children oftentimes spring into boredom rather quickly, tranquilized from all the adult chatter, and start generating their own unique stories.

This is where you can give birth to some meaningful new traditions for your Thanksgiving Day Dinner. You can do this yourself or have your guests assist you. Get a decorative basket or bowl large enough to add small slips of folded paper. Use several sheets of colorful paper and cut into squares. Big enough to write short questions or a small task on. The questions or tasks should be age appropriate if you have children at your Thanksgiving dinner table. The idea is to put the questions in the basket or bowl and during your meal pass the basket or bowl around the table to each guest, take out a slip of paper and answer the question accordingly. And so the basket goes around. And the fun begins. Remember to keep it lighthearted.

Of course some of the questions you present, are quite possibly going to start a conversation? Make it a fun conversation everyone can participate in, you don't want to have a question that is serious enough to have a guest or child upset. You want to draw people together, to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner with you, get to know one another, laugh, be merry and thankful for the family and friends you are sharing your Thanksgiving dinner with.

What is your family Thanksgiving tradition?
What is your family Thanksgiving tradition?

A Basket Full Of Questions And A New Holiday Tradition

Questions For Your Basket

  • Describe what you are most thankful for? (that is a given, it is Thanksgiving after all)
  • What is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal? (it is not always the turkey)
  • Who do you wish had been at this Thanksgiving dinner?
  • Look at the person across from you, name 3 things you like about them.
  • What is/was your favorite toy as a child? (if a child is answering, you may be surprised)
  • How old were you when you had your first kiss?
  • Name your Kindergarten teacher. (this can really get a conversation going)
  • What do you like about snow? (kids will love this one)
  • If you could leave on an all expense paid vacation tomorrow for one week? Where would you go?
  • Pancakes or French toast?
  • What is your favorite Christmas movie? (you'll shoot you're eye out)
  • Sing Jingle Bells to everyone's delight.
  • You're worst traveling experience?
  • What gift would you most like to receive? (beware this could get expensive)
  • Who is your favorite super hero?
  • Which character in a book best describes who you are?
  • Who is your favorite TV character? (an easy one for the kids)

Grab paper, colorful pens, crayons, and create questions for your game basket
Grab paper, colorful pens, crayons, and create questions for your game basket

Creating Traditions On Thanksgiving Can Be Fun

The questions listed above are just a small sample to give you an idea of what you might put in your holiday basket or bowl. Don't be surprised if the questions and tasks you make up take on a life of their own. If there are no children at your Thanksgiving dinner you can make the game a little bit more daring. Either way, this game idea is designed for you to get to know your friends and family just a whole lot better. It's a great way to have fun celebrating the holiday, while you create a Thanksgiving tradition. If Thanksgiving isn't your cup of tea, any holiday or even a dinner party can replace Thanksgiving dinner. The fun is creating tradition, having a good time and enjoying a meal with those you care about most.

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