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The 13 best pieces of candy to hand out this Halloween!

Updated on September 25, 2015

When they put on their best, hand out yours!

Remember your favorites at Halloween?

Remember opening your bag and finding some of your favorite candy bars? That is the best part of this holiday! That is what makes picking the best costumes worth it all.

Below are the best 13 things to hand out this Halloween! No, not the best for you, but the favorites for the trick or treaters. Come on, give them what they want. it may save your home from getting egged and toilet papered!

NOTE: Please check your child's candy and also what you hand out at your door! The world may not be safe, but we can do our part!

Here is what kids want!

13. An old favorite, Hershey Bars. Milt knew his business and even has a cool amuzement park and town named after him.I always say avoid the nuts. Allergies are a big problem tese days!

12. Zagnut -Both crunchy and creamy inside, and coated with chocolate, I look forward to getting these every year! Beetlejuice's favorite!

11. Mary Jane- This is an old school favorite! Can't forget these, and they are still just 5 cents a piece!

10. York Peppermint Patties- Give the sensation! The commercials of people talking about all of those sensations made me try it.

9. Clark Bars- These are soft with a slight bit of crunch, and they melt in your mouth. Caoted with chocolate and filled with peanut butter, Clark's are a huge hit!

8. M & Ms - Peanut or plain, you can't go wrong with the boxes or bags! The new mega M & Ms and the crispy flavor are a good option too.

They are out of this world alright!

The sugary six.

7. Bit O Honey - Super sweet, and chewy, this one is an oldie but a favorite! It can be messy though.

6.Butterfinger- Crunchy, sweet, and peanut buttery, nobody better lay a finger on... well, you know. The Butterfinger bits are great too!

5. Reeses Pieces- From that little blue guy from another planet. You know, he kind of looked like your cousin Willie. That commercial was one of the funniest ever!

4. KIT KAT- Crispy inside, milk chocolate on the outside and one of the best candies ever made! And the jingle is pretty catchy too!

3. Twix- Peanut Butter is really good too! even though I am not a big caramel fan, the originals are so good.

2. Reeses Big Cup- A deep, chocolate cup filled with the best peanut butter in the entire graveyard!

The best of the beasts!

1. Gummy Mummies- Sweet, fruity and creepy, these are awesome and fun!

What is your favorite?

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    • MikeSyrSutton profile image

      MikeSyrSutton 4 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Thank you Chloe!

      Those are 2 big favorites! I found some Mary Janes for you and put them right here, from Amazon! Only $0.05 a piece... Wow!


    • profile image

      Chloe Delgado 4 years ago

      Butterfingers rarely can be found in my kids' bags after I am done making sure the candy is safe. I like to tell them I have to take a Mommy tax ;-) I remember loving Mary Jane's as a kid. I have been looking for them this year to pass out but can't find them.